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Weighted Items

Adds weight to various weightless items in Skyrim. I think I got them all, but I might've missed some.

Arrow weight is simulated through the use of a dummy item called "Quiver of Arrows", found under the miscellaneous category. The amount of this item is periodically updated so any changes to the number of arrows will be reflected. Note that the script only executes every five seconds, so there is some delay, but not much.

Important Note:
If you have alot of gold, lockpicks, and/or arrows, I strongly recommend you save near a safe container (your house(s)) before activating this so you can store the gold/lockpicks. Otherwise you might not be able to run or fast-travel without cheating.

Extract the archive into your Skyrim\data folder and then activate it using your favourite utility (BAIN, Nexus Mod Manager, Skyrim Launcher, or manually altering the plugins.txt file if you're feeling lucky).

Or you can install it with NMM or BAIN.

You can place the readme file wherever you want. Just make sure to read it first.

Remove "Weighted Items.esp" from your data Skyrim\data folder and "aaa_arrow_weight.pex" from your Skyrim\data\scripts folder or uninstall using BAIN or NMM.

Plugin is provided as is. I am not responsible for any damage it might cause. v2.0 and on were done with the Creation Kit, earlier versions with SkyEdit.

Dave Humphrey: For making SkyEdit
Bethesda: For making the epicness that is Skyrim