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Small back story, Sylvarsk, having no desire to marry some distant orc chieftan, she decided to run away from the hold. Inexperienced, as the hold has tended her needs most of her life, and being the chiefs daughter didn't bring too much burden to her.

with odd turn of events and long days of joyrneys, she got together with a caravan wandering the roads, wich turned out to be the one with Ulfric in it. They got ambushed and lost... later on, idly waiting to get judged by the imperials in Helgen, and after catastrophic events she joined with the other stormcloak prisoner and together they worked theyr way out of the keep... and as for rest of the story, it's your turn to fill in the blanks :)

this save is right outside the cave after you've fought out of Helgen with Ralof standing next to you.

mods used: Better females by bella, with make up V3 Bright eyes Coolsims hair pack no more blocky faces