A small Collection of Modules by Galenit
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A small collection of modules

zmModules are small mods that change specific things in skyrim. I made them for my girlfriend, after asking plutoman01, he allows to provide his "PISE-NPC Tweaks and Potions" (version 0.8 cleaned for use with zmNPCpotions/healspells) with my moduls, so i decide to provide them for you. (Try his AI-Tweaks too!)


zmAlchemy : changed fortify Smithing/enchantig to heal/stamina over time, including ingredients and potions

zmEnchanting: Changed fortify smithing/alchemy to fortify armorrate/persuasion

zmDisease: Changed Ataxia to Rattels for Skeever

zmLingering: Changed Lingering Poisons to 20sec and more damage to match ff-poison

zmTraps: Changed Magictrapsdamage and Poison to make the trapeffect noticeable (cant change swingingblades, ... damage at the moment, sorry)

zmHealthregen01: Changed pchealtregencombat from 0.7 to 0.01, so there is nearly zero healthregen in combat.

zmBuff: Make Courage worthwhile and upped radius for rally

zmCooking: Renamed Wine, Bread to have unique names for diffrent objekts, rewightet lots of items and added new recipes.

zmGrandhealing: Upped radius to 35

zmNPChealing: Changed healing to a lowlevel casted pbae-/selfheal for player and npcs

zmNPChealspells: Added npc-only heal- and buffspells and added them to levelspelllists

zmNPCpotions: added chances for heal/stamina/magikapotions to weapon/armorlists for npcs

zmNPCpoison: Changed the NPC (creatur) poisons to higher damage/duration (make them noticeable)

zmAnimals: Changed Animal baselists to chances for greater spawns and chances for werwolfs and wolfpacks

zmAnimals2: Changed terrainbaselists to chances for greater spawns

zmAnimals2NPC: Changed terrainbaselists to chances for greater spawns, added chances for special groups to spawn

All Mods that alter the same levellists my moduls change (they are listed in the modul.txt)
You can use PISE-increased spawns and then load zmAnimals and zmAnimals2(NPC) after it, if you want the higher npc-spawns but my animal and terrain changes.

Recommended: PISE-AI Tweaks Only