Tattoo Model Suicide Girl Race Menu by JakeDreivor
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Added: 27/04/2015 - 10:53PM
Updated: 18/03/2017 - 03:46PM

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Last updated at 15:46, 18 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 22:53, 27 Apr 2015

This mod adds over 200 Racemenu tattoo overlays in multicolor and with high detail to enhance the look of your character. Tattoos are for unp, can be used on cbbe bodies to, but cbbe is not intended, also you can use them on male characters regardless mod is primarly made for female characters. 

This mod features back tattoos,calf tattoos,chest tattoos,
halfsleeve tattoos,fullsleeve tattoos,ribs tattoos,thig tattoos,
face tattoos, neck tattoos and many mores.

The only requirement is racemenu mod by expired, that you can download here
(OPTIONAL) it is intended to use with real girls skin texture, but you can use it with any with decreased quality

Tattoo Model Suicide Girl features fullsleevee, halfsleeve, calf, thig, stomach, back, ribs, chest, neck and throat tattoos. There are also some more unique tattoos like kraken, underboob tattoo and taurus groin tattoo. Suicide Girls work like this, for every right tattoo there is an same but left tattoo, so it makes countless possibilities for you to customize your body with ink. 

1. Make sure you have racemenu and lastest version of skse 
2. Also make sure you have deleted any previous versions of TMSG 
3. now download TMSG0.93 through nmm and install it 
4. once your in game open console by clicking (¨¸) button left to number 1 on your keybord 
5. now write down "showracemenu" and click "enter" 
6. once you are in racemenu before you scroll to overlay tabs go to "body" and go to skin color and click "e" and 7. than click f5 
8. now you are ready to go to your overlays tab, first click "e" and than load your skin color with pressing f9 
9. now click "t" and you can enjoy your new ink 
*also take care that there are tattoos that you need to chose from hands and face overlays tab  and they are connected to some body tattoos so you dont complain about neckseams

to expired for making race menu and nioverride plugin
to imAarwyn for these two beutifull above eyebrow tattoos

to cald123 for testing 
to MxR and Disbeat for reviews