Aragorn Ranger Armor- Standalone and Craftable - LOTR by BurnInHeaven aka Mister Fahrenheit
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Added: 18/01/2012 - 09:51PM
Updated: 19/04/2013 - 08:20AM

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Ranger Armor and Hood - Aragorn from LOTR inspired

Final notes (most likely)
I sincerely appreciate all the downloads and likes for this mod! Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy for the past year and have had no time to update. I therefore give permission for anyone who is willing to update and modify this armor as long as credit is given to me AND NoseGoblin for our work. This includes all of the LOTR/Middle Earth mods who have been asking for permission. Thanks again!

Brighter versions requested --> brighter versions uploaded
Everything is the same except for a quick lightening of the textures. I'll eventually make this look better.

Hood added! Darker than NoseGoblin's version. Standalone. NOTE** Found under MISC crafting - seems to be a glitch in my editing software and I can't work around this for now. Enjoy!

Fixed some coloring I didn't like on the belts and buttons and darkened the pants. Normal maps were cleaned slightly.
ALL LEATHER VERSION! This is an optional download that does not have a mail shirt, but a leather one in its place - only available in craftable versions (enchanted and not).

Fixed inventory mesh! Everything should look right for the enchanted and non-enchanted versions. Big thanks to Sunnie for the tip on how to fix it.

Simply added a standalone, craftable, not-enchanted version. It is named "Ranger Armor"

Added preliminary stand alone version with crafting! It can be found under leather and it has meager requirements. This is my first time doing anything of the sort, so suggestions/tips are welcome! PLEASE NOTE: there is a bug I haven't been able to figure out where the inventory gnd mesh/texture still looks like plain leather armor.
For Item IDs type: help ranger 0

Standalone and craftable Ranger armor and hood (male only for now).
Nightingale armor (male) remesh and retexture version available.
This is a recolored version of NoseGoblin's Dark Brotherhood armor. All credit for how ranger-like the texture looks goes to him. His version can be found here:

I modified a mesh to use this texture with Aragorn's color scheme (this will NOT effect armors other than Nightingale torso if you have that variant, as its parent mod does).

Just like the movies: The jacket is so dark that it appears black, it is actually a very dark green that is visible in bright light. The hood to closer to black. I also colored the pouches and belts brown. NoseGoblin gave it a very leather like shading.

This should work with any stat modification to the Nightingale armor.

Drop the data folder into your skyrim directory. I highly recommend using the mod manager.
- Armor is found under leather in crafting. Helmet is found under MISC.