Custom NON-VANILLA Hair for NPCs Tutorial by hulebjoern
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================== IMPORTANT ==================
This tutorial appears to be now obsolete, as Skyrim NPC Editor now supports custom hairs for NPCs. Go check it out! I will, however, leave this tutorial up for anyone who may want/need it. Thank you all for your endorsements and comments :-)
================== IMPORTANT ==================

For everyone who is interested in getting non-vanilla hair onto NPCs, this is how you do it. Please note that this can be pretty difficult if you do not know what you're doing! It took me several hours of trial and error to get it working and lots of CTDs! In short, if you get discolored faces, CTDs, and/or bald heads, you've done it WRONG.

What You'll Need

Skyrim NPC Editor
Coolsims Hair Pack OR Beatiful Hair Retexture OR My Type of Hair OR any other hair mod of your choosing

How To

1. Start Skyrim NPC Editor and make your changes to the NPC you want to swap hair on. This includes selecting another vanilla hairstyle than the one the NPC has by default (doesn't matter which one as you'll be using a hair mesh of your choosing anyway)! That is important so that Skyrim NPC Editor creates the .NIF files for you!

2. Open all the applicable .NIF file(s) in NifSkope (you have to start THREE instances of NifSkope) (the .NIF file Skyrim NPC Editor generated for you, the hair, and the hairline files from the hair mod you want to use).

3. Download the tutorial and follow the 3 step instructions. Hopefully I made it easy enough by using pictures and not a whole lot of words, as pictures seem to convey information much better than text can, as using NifSkope initially can be quite confusing. It was for me.

4. Save your NifSkope changes and install the files into your Skyrim data folder.

5. Play!

Once you get used to swapping meshes with NifSkope, it'll be REALLY easy the next times you do it, as the whole process is just copy and paste and some number switching :-)

Don't forget to upload images of the NPCs whose hair you change with this tutorial, and if you like my tutorial and it worked for you, please ENDORSE. I spent many hours on this. Thanks :-)