Black Red Dragon Armor by Asangard1
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Last updated at 18:15, 28 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 16:04, 17 Jan 2012

I couldn't find a Dragonbone Armor mod that I liked so I decided to make my own. This being my very 1st mod ever, I wanted to make sure that it was possible to do in real life. So I researched the topic of dyeing bones. I found this article:
In part it says you can make a natural black dye using water, tannins and iron.
Also Alizarin has been used throught history as a Red dye. In fact it was the use of Alizarin by the British that lead to their Army getting the name of Red Coats. So yes it can be quite a striking Red color. Here is a link to a page about Alizarin if you wish to read more about it:

Version History:
1.2 Added Dragonscale Armor both Male and Female
1.1.1 Fixed download with Nexus Mod Manager problem
1.1 added Female Dragonplate Armor
1.0 only hase the Male Dragonbone Armor and Shield.

This can be installed with the Nexus Mod manager or Manually by extracting the files then dragging the Data folder to your game directory.

Manual Uninstall:
Delete the Dragonbone folder in your texture folder.
Delete the Dragonscale folder in your texture folder.

Since this is my very 1st mod comments and/or suggestions are welcome.