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apology to those who this doesn't work for. I can't find the reason it doesn't. If someone finds it, please let me know so I can post a fix for them.
NOTICE: the bat file just sets their approval of you to 4 and makes them be available to marry them just like normal marriage ready NPCs are if you have all the vanilla game marriage requirements met. You still have to initiate the "interested" dialogue with them and set up and go through the marriage ceremony with them to be married.

I always liked Lydia and thought she was one of the few vanilla attractive females. She was suppose to be a marriage candidate but Bethesda screwed up. I fixed it so she can be married without using the console for better immersion and made a few other changes.
the main file changes....
default wear is tavern wench outfit, able to be married, changed butch stance to neutral female, added draugr armor and hide shield (the one Aela the Huntress wears) because her light armor stats were better than her heavy armor stats. She is set to essential in this version.
the optional "vanilla plus" file changes....
nothing other than changing the butch stance to neutral and making her be able to be married. she is still not essential in this version.
the optional "requested" file changes....
she has no default clothes or sleep clothes. I gave her back her steel armor that you can take and exchange for something else. feminine stance and marriage fixed. She WILL be most likely walking around in her undies or naked depending on your body mod you use unless she is actively following you. you have been warned lol. she is not essential in this version.

my other mods
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image explanations
#1 Lydia wearing tavern wench outfit neutral stance with the marriage dialogue fixed and open.
#2 Lydia wearing the draugr armor. (ancient nord armor) The version I have her in is from Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE mod. If you don't have that mod, she will be wearing the vanilla version of that armor.

This uses all vanilla items as a base so you can use it without these mods but she will look different. (and not as good IMHO)
I use Bella's better females mod with either makeup version 1 or less makeup...I can't remember which but the makeup is lightly applied. Use your own makeup version or hot chick mod or leave her vanilla if you want. I would love to see screenies of what she looks like without the required mods installed or with different mods installed like Cover Women which is also very savory.
CBBE nevernude mod which is not really necessary with this wench outfit unless you want the clean skin textures.
Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE mod. If you don't have that mod, she will be wearing the vanilla version of the ancient nord hero/draugr armor.

choose just one version. they will over write each other.
just unzip the file using 7-Zip to a temp folder and drop the contents into your data folder and let it over write. Then go into your launcher, select data files and tic the HousecarlWhiterun.esp or activate it in whatever MM you might be using. I don't download with NMM so if the file structure I am using doesn't work for that, PM me with how the file structure should be and I will upload a NMM version.

delete the HousecarlWhiterun.esp out of your data folder and the 000a2c8e file out of your data\meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\skyrim.esm folder.