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All Rings Detailed described .
Ring of The Warrior Stone: Combat skills increase 20% faster.
Ring of The Thief Stone: Stealth skills increase 20% faster.
Ring of The Mage Stone: Magic skills improve 20% faster.
Ring of The Lover Stone: All skills improve 15% faster.
Ring of The Apprentice Stone: Recover Magicka twice as fast; twice as vulnerable to magic.
Ring of The Atronach Stone: 50 extra Points of Magicka, 50% Absorb spells, -50% Magicka regen.
Ring of The Lady Stone: Regenerate Health and Stamina 25% Faster.
Ring of The Lord Stone: 50 points of armor, 25% magic resistance.
Ring of The Ritual Stone: Raises all the dead around you to fight for you once per day.
Ring of The Serpent Stone: Paralyze the target for 5 seconds, and do 25 points of damage once per day.
Ring of The Shadow Stone: Invisibility for 60 seconds once per day.
Ring of The Steed Stone: Carry weight +100, no movement penalty from armor you wear.
Ring of The Tower Stone: Unlock any expert level lock (or lower) once per day.

Where do i get these rings ?
Answer :: buy them at
Angeline's Aromatics :: Solitude
Arcadia's Cauldron :: Whiterun
Elgrim's Elixirs :: Riften
Grave Concoctions :: Falkreath
Thaumaturgist's Hut :: Morthal
The Hag's Cure :: Markarth
The Mortar and Pestle :: Dawnstar
The White Phial :: Windhelm
Birna's Oddments :: Winterhold

Can i quip all rings ?
Answer :: Yes you can .

I encounter bugs with following rings .
Ring of The Serpent Stone :: Beta :: known bugs >> all effects applies on player better don't use it for now Until CK out or i figure out how to fix it .
Ring of The Ritual Stone :: Beta :: known bugs >> Resurrection is bugged can resurrect few dead corpses or just resurrect creatures and they walk idle and not following ... i hope to fix this when CK is out if not will try to figure out what's wrong and were is breaking point.

How many rings are in this mod ?
Answer :: 13 .

How many are guardian stones ?
Answer :: 13 sow it's mean equal amount of rings .

Most famous question does prices are balanced ?
Answer :: Yes they are but i think few tweaks should be done any way i will be glad to hear good ideas .

Does all Rings are leveled items ?
Answer :: Yes sure they are .

I Encounter Problems What To Do ?
Answer :: Report all your mortal whims .