Being Werewolf and Vampire same time by Otorobot TR
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Here is way of being a werepyre (Werewolf + Vampire).
1. Be a Werewolf console and write "player.removespell f5ba0" this will delete disease resistant of werewolf
3.get infected by Sanguinare Vampiris disease
4. wait 72 hours - 3 days. you can press "t" or sleep or make fast travels to skip waiting.
5.Now you are a werewolf - vampire BUT!
6. If you use Beast Form of werewolf your vampire feeding option will close, so you always be an stage 4 vampire. here is fixing this, the console and write " player.setrace (your race - for example nord or highelf)racevampire"
an example : "player.setrace highelfracevampire" write this and press enter.this will give you feeding option.
Beast form always delete feeding option, so you must do this every time.
sorry, my english isn't perfect.