Veraxanima - Truth of the Soul by Snezko and Gizmodian
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Last updated at 8:54, 20 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 8:51, 15 Jan 2012

Veraxanima - Truth of the Soul by Gizmodian ported to skyrim.

Original file: Veraxanima - Truth of the Soul

Stand-alone? Yes.
Craftable? Yes.
Upgradeable? Yes.

Base Dmg(1 handed): 11
Base Dmg(2 handed): 20
Crafting Category: Elven
Crafting Mats needed: Look on screenshot =)
Upgrading/Improving Mats needed: Look on screenshot =)

Can be purchased in several locations

Whiterun - Eorlund (Skyforge Blacksmith)
Windhelm - Oengul War-Anvil (Blacksmith)
Markarth - Ghorza gra-Bagol (Blacksmith)
Riften - Balimund (Blacksmith)
Riverwood - Alvor (Blacksmith)
Solitude - Beirand (Solitude Blacksmith)

Both 1H & 2H can be purchased & crafted.

Manual: Extract RAR file & put textures, meshes folders & .esp file inside your Skyrim/Data folder & activate ESP file.
Downloading via NMM: First i suggest to delete any previous manual installation's then just install with NMM and activate ESP file.

Manual: Delete files.
NMM: Go to "Mods" select the mod and click icon(blue folder with red arrow) on the left, that will deactivate and delete installed files.

v1.3 - Buyable from several npc's.
v1.2 - Blood Effect added to both 1 handed & 2 handed.
v1.1 Fix - Fixed 2 handed sword display on rack's properly, also changed crafting material dwarven to gold & improving material dwarven to quicksilver.
v1.1 - Added GreatSword (2 handed).

Gizmodian - Author of the sword