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Last updated at 7:56, 20 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 8:43, 15 Jan 2012

Version 1.500

- Added shrouded cowl with a mask (also maskless exist)
- Shrouded cowl -> hood with mask
- Shrouded cowl maskless -> only hood
- Added Assassin's equipments heavy version (requires steel ingot and leather strips)
- Minor bug fixed

* Wrist blade is not available now, it has couple of bugs and finally crashes the game. i apolisize it
and now trying solve it.


Version 1.410

- Added New Ancient Shrouded armor
(Recommanded with Assassin's equipments and Bandolier)
- You can make an Assassin's equipments at the forge (requires steel ingot and leather strips)
- You can get Bandolier from (
- Now Both Argonian/Kajitt male and female have different hood meshes
- Elves ear doesn't shown with hood anymore
- Babette is not anymore regular child race (She's got her own face and outfit)
(Requires WSBP ver 1.3

- Version 1.400 without edited NPC will be updated (maybe 1.500 ?)


# New stand alone has been uploaded ! Please search for 'The Dark Followe Armor'
Same Desing, Non enchanted and Craftable Light Armor :)

Introduction video by Arsenalrobert

i dont personally like a skinny shrouded armor, so I've changed their meshes.

Despite that i dont know how the 3D tools really works, I modified it with the use of Nifskope and

I got a sources from 'Psiijics hood' for helmet, 'Mage apprentise robe' for torso, 'Orcish Gauntlets' for gloves and 'Leather Boots' for shoes. then Re textured. :)

for that reason, each parts might not be perfectly matching but it isnt so bad.

To Installation..
Just copy and paste them to data\meshes\armor\dbarmor and data\textures\armor\dbarmor

I've already made Shrouded robe set, but release later :)

============ Jan. 18. 2012
Add Violet edition. It may changes your The Dark brotherhood's color into violet.
It changes Nazir, Werewolf(I've forgot his name), flags and door also :)
(except a Cicero)

============ Jan. 17. 2012
Updated with Hight Quality textures.