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Last updated at 21:20, 26 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 19:58, 14 Jan 2012

  • When vampire use a vision, the desire of blood allows him to see aura creatures for a short time (3s).
  • Vampire NightVision now realy NIGHT - in the morning, he loses this ability (but not in interion).
  • VampireDrain increase to twice for each stage.
  • upd: VampireSunDamage in stage 4 now is real-time damage health (5dps). No wait, no fast-travel - only safe in near interion.
  • upd: Because vampire not have other spell than Drain, this spell added to Destruction scools Frost and Shock. With a perk of both scool VampireDrain will be more powerfull spell (+100% Damage).

Note: because vampire have "BLOOD" vision, creatures aura is "RED" for all, friend or hostile target.

For install just include .esp file in \Data folder.

Attention! My version of master-file is russian. But i not change description and name - only data and execution sequence of script. If english version not be stable, i will rebuild it with english master-file.

P.S. I plan to add script of joining to VampireFaction in stage 4 to the vampire are not to be hostile to PC.