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Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged 4.0

by Ali Bengali
August 26, 2012

Essential Credits - First things first:

This modification is inspired by and probably would not be in existence without Aremeta's very good Imperial Legion Armor mod. From her or him I got the initial idea of making use of the General Tullius armor mesh for the trooper armor and found orientation of how to link my reworked textures with the corresponding mesh files.
That being said, Aremeta deserves a great portion of the credit for this mod !
I would very much like to link to her/his mod in this place, but it seems there have been some issues and it seems the mod has gone missing or been removed unfortunately.
Nevertheless, I want and have to clearly express my thanks and appreciation for Aremeta's fine work !
Update: Aremeta kindly sent me the assets of his original mod, which deserves another big "thank you". :)

morpheas768 provided a cool and convenient NMM Installer for Version 2.0.
Thank you, morpheas768!

Davis237834, the author of Roman Style Imperial Legion Shields graciously gave his permission to use his perfectly fitting square shield!
Thank you VERY much, Davis - without you I'd never have been able to come up with a Morrowind-style Legion shield ! You are awesome, man - and all the credit belongs to you !

Jedo_Dre, the author of Roman armor and weapons graciously gave his permission to use his awesome gladius! I just love this blade...!!!
Thank you VERY much, Jedo, for your kindness and this perfect piece of art! All the credit belongs to you !
I encourage everyone to check out his awesome mod - there is a good chance you will like it better then "Perfect Legionnaire", if you are after a more Roman-style appearance for Skyrim's Imperial Legion!

rahman530, the author of Lore Friendly Armor Pack: his "Heroic Imperial Armor" finally gave me the orientation I needed to properly combine armor models in order to properly add pants and sleeves.
Without the marvellous work he has done and is still doing with his armor mods for Skyrim, my "Perfect Legionnaire 4.0" would not be what it is now. Thank you for your awesome and enriching work, rahman530!

Version 4.0 Features:

Studded Imperial Armor replaced
- male and female armor replaced
- completeley overhauled textures and normalmaps
- shine effect on breastplate achieved through reworked normalmaps
- Morrowind-style coloring and breastplate ornaments
- optional BLUE cloth version - Morrowind style!
- pants and sleeves, finally ! NEW
- properly warming leather gloves added to the bracers, finally! NEW
- removed some elements from the previous version to make it appear a tad less "ornate" NEW

Light Imperial Armor re-reworked
- male and female armor reworked NEW
- mostly a recolor with some retextured elements, added a stylish belt-buckle, removed overdone vanilla-elements
- optional BLUE cloth version
- pants and sleeves, finally ! NEW
- properly warming leather gloves added to the bracers, finally! NEW
- Light Imperial Helmet recolored, darkened to be in line with the other equipment, normal map slightly edited, small Imperial Dragon symbol added
- Light Imperial Boots recolored, darkened to be in line with the other equipment
- Light Imperial Bracers recolored, darkened to be in line with the other equipment

Heavy Imperial Armor reworked NEW
- pants and sleeves for the male and female heavy armor, finally ! NEW
- properly warming leather gloves added to the bracers, finally! NEW
- Vanilla textures largely untouched yet - planning to work on them in the future, though
- male heavy armor texture: recolored, darkened some leather elements and reworked the chainmail parts NEW
- optional BLUE cloth version NEW

General Tullius Armor heavily reworked NEW
- male and female armor reworked NEW
- optional BLUE cloth version NEW
- pants and sleeves added, finally ! NEW
- properly warming leather gloves added to the bracers, finally! NEW
- design loosely based on the Lord's Mail artifact from TES III Morrowind - male and female armor reworked NEW
- Heavy Imperial Boots slightly recolored to be in line with the other equipment NEW
- Heavy Imperial Bracers slightly recolored to be in line with the other equipment NEW
- all 3 kinds of Heavy Imperial Helmets slightly recolored to be in line with the other equipment NEW
- slightly more edited texture and normalmap of the closed Imperial helmet NEW

Imperial Shield replaced Optional File
- based on Davis237834's awesome rectangular shield model and his texture as a basis
- made Davis shield mesh slightly smaller and quite heavily edited his shield texture and normal map to finally achieve a true Morrowind-style shield!
- partial shine effect achieved through edited normal maps
- available in BLUE or RED
- light Imperial shield replaced as well, based on the hide shield model. More or less a placeholder for now and WIP, but I think it goes along much better with the light Imperial armors then the vanilla shield. NEW

Gladius replaces Imperial Sword Optional File
- based on Jedo_Dre's awesome gladius model and texture !
- slightly recolored Jedo's textures to have it fit with the rest of the reworked equipment
- former issues with blood on blade resolved by Jedo Dre NEW

Mixing and matching everything, light and heavy armor elements, is now actually FUN since everything looks quite well together - in my eyes at least.
Judge for yourself! I hope you will enjoy it all as much as I do!

Future Plans:

- Working on the Imperial heavy armor textures
- Working on the Penitus Oculatus armor
- Better Legion equipment distribution and differentiation via Construction Set (optional)

Known Issues:

- When crouching and looking at the crouching character or NPC from the front, from a low camera angle, there is a noticeable "texture hole" on the inside of the skirt texture. This applies to the studded armor and Tullius armor. I suspect this to be an easily fixable texture issue, but right now I will not be able to resolve this by myself without having to invest a lot of time I do not have to spare for trial and error testing. If anyone could lend a hand here, that would be highly appreciated!

- Females wearing the light armor: when moving the body slider all the way to the right, pants and sleeves disappear. All other slider positions correctly show pants and sleeves. Currently I do not know how to fix this issue. I suspect it must be model-based. I would greatly appreciate if someone who's got experience with editing models could lend a hand here. I have the feeling this is an issue that is easily resolved, but lack the knowledge to do it myself right now.

- WBizzyW just notified my me that the Pentius Oculatus armor has an issue:
Actually, I did not work on this particular armor yet, since I haven't even seen it in my game (have not played very far yet...) and thus do not know its exact role or function. But since it shares the mesh of General Tullius's armor, it is also affected by the changes I made to this armor mesh. I will address this issue soon, one way or another.
Thank you for notifying me, WBizzyW. :)

I am sorry for the inconvenience!


Q: Why don't the textures show up ingame...?
A: You are very likely using the Skyrim High-Res Texture DLC, which has issues with other texture mods because these high res textures are added to the game in a rather... insensitive way by Bethesda.
There is a rather easy fix/workaround though: Please refer to this video or forum thread!
Sorry for the inconvenience - although Bethesda should say the same I guess... :)

Q: "I love this, but it looks odd that a low rank would have such great armour..." (Morganite)
A: Thanks for the compliment! :) The main reason is: This armor was inspired by one of the legion trooper armors from "TES 3 - Morrowind". I loved that armor and just wanted that thing in Skyrim. I think a proud and disciplined army like the Imperial Legion just deserves some style! Even a low ranked trooper. Furthermore, I plan to work on the higher tier Imperial armors too, which then hopefully results in a proper and fitting overall picture.

Q: Why did you replace the studded armor and not the heavy one?
A: Because I wanted to replace Skyrim's standard trooper armor, which is the light and studded one, with TES 3 Morrowind's (kind of) standard trooper armor: Imperial Steel Armor.

Q: But this used to be a heavy steel armor in Morrowind!
A: Perfectly right. But for Skyrim I took the liberty to consider my reworked armor as a kind of studded/hardened/boiled leather armor similar to this one: Boiled Armor instead of being a steelish heavy armor. I deem that quite fitting for the standard legionnaire.

Q: There are a lot of files - why?
A: To keep things modular and file size small. Different people like different things.

Q: Will you rework other Imperial gear?
A: I will try to! I cannot guarantee to come up with anything decent though, but at least I will try to!

Q: What's next on the agenda?
A: See "Future Plans" above, please.

Q: What about a CBBE version?
A: I'm not a great fan of CBBE, I must confess.
And usually I do find those skimpy thingy armor mods neither functional nor sexy - not to mention they just don't fit in the sense of realism, in my humble opinion at least - no offense intended!
It's just not my cup of tea. :)

Description and Motivation:

This mod introduces reworked versions of the Imperial and General Tullius armors and shield, thereby re-introducing the classic and beloved Morrowind style to Skyrim.


A proud legion has a history!
I always greatly liked Morrowind and its style - especially regarding the design and appearance of the proud Imperial Legion.
Skyrim's original light and studded imperial armor were somewhat... bland... in my eyes. The studded armor in particular. And i never liked those clunky vanilla shields
The legion just didn't appear to be a force to be reckoned with. That needs to be changed!
This is my contribution and humble attempt to address that issue - and to re-introduce some much needed style and seriousness.
At least in my eyes. ;-)

Installation / Uninstallation:

Either just drop / remove the files into / from your Skyrim folder, or use the Nexus Mod Manager.



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Best regards,
Ali Bengali