Rings of Sanguinare Vampiris by glock9mm
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Following Rings Are Available Right Now

1.Ring of Sanguinare Vampiris :: Price 4000
by equipping ring it will turns you into vampire .

2.Ring of Cure :: Price 6000
by equipping ring it will cure you from all Diseases except Sanguinare Vampirism & lycanthropy.

3.Ring of Well Rested Sleep :: Price 2500
by equipping ring you will receive constant Well Rested Effect.

Where Do I Get Rings ?
Buy Them at
The Mortar and Pestle :: Downstar
Gray Pine Goods :: Falkreath
Arnleif And Sons Trading Company :: Markarth
Falion's House :: Morthal
The Pawned Prawn :: Riften
Bits and Pieces :: Solitude
Belethor's General Goods :: Whiterun
Sadri's Used Wares :: Windhelm
Birna's Oddments :: Winterhold

Does prices of rings are balanced ?
They are balanced at best what i think but if will request with lower prices i will be glad to release .

Does Rings are leveled items ?
Yes they are .

I Encounter Problems What To Do ?
Report all your mortal whims .

I Have an idea for rings what to do ?
well you can contact me maybe we will work out something :) .