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Difference between SKYRIM HD and the HD DLC:
Click here for a comparison shot.


Skyrim HD is a project for texture enhancement in Skyrim.
The achived texture resolution is 4-8x (2-4k resolution) bigger than the original ones and still 2x - 8x bigger than the Bethesda HD DLC.

The diffrent Parts:

All the below Parts are available in two resolutions:
FULL - All the textures are at the maximum resolution; up to 4K. average is around 4x the HD DLC.
LITE - All the textures are at 50% of the FULL Version; up to 2K. average is around 2x the HD DLC.

Skyrim HD - Riften: This also adds HD textures for Riften. It is an indipendant package - just install it seperately or over previous installations.

Skyrim HD - Towns: This includes all the towns I have retextured; Whiterun, Windhelm, Markarth, Solitude and Farmhouses.

Skyirm HD - Landscape: This includes all the Landscape textures, including the matching LOD textures.

Skyrim HD - Dungeons: This includes the Basic Dungeon Ground retexture and all the textures for the Dwemer Ruins.

Skyrim HD - Misc: This includes the rest; Reflections, Water, Sky, Clutter, Clothes and the fix for the textures in the HD DLC (also usable without HD DLC).

Changed Textures:

Landscape (all textures)

- Whiterun
- Windhelm
- Farmhouses
- Solitude
- Markarth
- Riften (NEW)

- Stars
- Galaxy
- Sunglare

- Water surface
- Rain Ripples
- Water fog
- Water streams

- Barkeeper
- Blacksmith

- Sellingbar
- Blacksmith Items
- Carts
- Dresser
- Firewood/Ash/Burned wood
- Stockades
- Alchemy workbench
- Enchanting workbench
- Barrels
- Furniturewood

- Baisc Ground Texture
- Dwemer Ruins

- Reflections
- LOD Textures
- Fixes texture Bugs from Beth's HD DLC

Click here for a detailed List


Version 1.6

- Added Textures for Riften

Version 1.5

Major stuff

- Markarth redone
- ...including Dwemer Ruins textures
- Fixed the texture bugs from the HD DLC
- HD reflections for armor/glass (including almost all potions/glass containers)
- New major LOD textures to match my textures

Other small new stuff

- Whiterun: New 2nd city wall texture (You can see it behind the throne in dragonsreach)
- Whiterun: New slate floor texture in Dragonsreach
- Whiterun: New Housewood/Thatch normal map
- Windhelm: New Grave textures
- Landscape: New Glacier textures
- Landscape: New River Edge texture
- Sky: New Sunglare


- Farmhouses: Doors redone
- Whiterun: Tiled Stone ground adjusted
- Whiterun: Stone mortar adjusted
- Whiterun: Wood Carvings enhanced
- Clutter: Adjusted Enchanting Workbench
- Landscape: Edited the beach sand texture
- Landscape: Fixed tiling issue of ocean floor texture
- Landscape: Adjusted marsh ice texture
- Windhelm: Several texture fixes

Version 1.4

- NEW Solitude textures

Version 1.3

- new Farmhouse textures > affects Dawnstar, Riverwood and many other places
- 4K Barkeeper/Blacksmith Clothes
- redone all the Blacksmith items (2K and 4K Textures)
- new Furniture textures (2K and 4K)
- new 4K Alchemy Workbench
- many other new clutter textures
- adjusted the Full version for better Performance
- some Minor fixes

Version 1.2

- ALL the Landscape textures have been completely remade
-> also included: 2K Roads, 4K Mountains, 2K Cliffs and some 8K Tree textures
- 4K Water texture
- 2K Rain Ripples
- 4K Stars
- 4K Galaxy
- 2K Sunglare
- 2K Foam texture
- 2K Whiterun textures
- 2K Windhelm textures
- 2K Dungeon ground
- 2K Selling Bar (Global)

System Requirements:

First of all: The loading times will increase depending on your system. Use your SSD if possible!

RAM - 4GB or more.

Graphics Card Memory - FULL: 1,25GB or more LITE: Almost the same as original Skyrim.

The LITE Version is also fluidly playable for Cards with <1GB VRAM. (Remember that the fps don't only depend on your card)

REMEMBER: If you install more mods than just mine, the requirements may vary.

TIP: Try combining FULL and LITE.


1. Download the latest 7zip.
2. Download the Skyrim HD Packages you want (e.g.: Towns and Landscape)
3. Exctract the downloaded archive with your newest version of 7zip.
4. Copy the "Data" folder from the downloaded archive in the main directory of skyrim (e.g. "SteamApps/common/skyrim").

OR just use the Nexus Mod Manager.


Q: Is there an all in one package?
A: No. My Mod is splitted into 4 major parts for better customization. Just download the four of them and you're good to go.

Q: Does the installation order of the single parts make a difference?
A: No.

Q: Does this mod conflicts with others?
A: Just keep in mind what my mod replaces (written above) and you can easily conclude if another mod would conflict.

Q: When will the next version be released?
A: When it's done. Since I don't do this full-time you should take into account that I have to work on this in my free time.

The mod has been tested extensively. If you encounter any problems, they are most likely caused by the following:
- your computer is not beastly enough
- your skyrim installation is in some way corrupted
- your ini's are messed up
- your saves are messed up
- there are mod incompatibilities
- another mod causes problems

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