More Perk Points Per Level by Flatline
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Added: 29/11/2014 - 08:54PM
Updated: 22/03/2017 - 05:59AM

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Last updated at 5:59, 22 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 20:54, 29 Nov 2014

What It Does:
Essentially, it allows you to edit the amount of perk points earned every "level up". The mod IS retroactive, meaning if you earned levels in your earller in the save,  you should earn perk points for this. 

How to Use:

Hit the tidle key (~) and enter into the command prompt: set ppl to int

Any race mod/mod that edits racial bonuses, specifically to the bonus of specific skill levels. The reason: to get it to work the way I wanted I had to simulate the leveling process. And a way to do this accurately required me to account for racial bonuses. If requested I will make compatibility patches for specific races, or mods due to the fact that it takes all but 2 minutes.

Update Warning:
Despite leaving the source there, I've never been clear to the public about how this script works.
This script simulates the leveling process from level 1 to infinity, based on publicly available leveling formulas. 
The problem with leveling up using this method however, is quite clear. If you update at level 80 you may gain a ton of perk points. I'm going to design around this after Mid-terms. However when/if you update from a previous version (such as 2.02d to 2.03a) then you're risking this til' I've the time to devote towards modding.

Change log:
2.02d: fixed a bug with the leveling process, due to a misplacement of subtracting a variable