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The Joy of Perspective - The Real First Person Mod
Version: 0.9.3 Beta

**Please read the 'Description' before asking questions. Please read 'Known Issues' before reporting bugs or posting in the comments section. Thanks!**

Make sure to edit your Skyrim.ini as per installation instructions: see below on how to do this.



Brought to you by RFPV Team:





Attention: Backup your files before the installation. You've been warned!

This is an beta version and a work in progress. Make sure to read the Installation Instructions carefully! Please keep in mind this is WIP.

What it does

This mod makes the character visible in 1st person view. It also replace the first person animations with modified versions of the 3rd person ones.

Recommended FOV is 85 or lower. FOV settings above 85 may introduce clipping bugs.

Main Mod Installation:

Attention: Remove all previous versions of this mod before you install v0.9.3 Beta.

1. Download appropriate version of the 'The Joy of Perspective' (TJoP).

If you use XP32's 'Maximum Skeleton' mod, install this now, select 'No' when asked if you have 'The Joy of Perspective installed.

2. Activate one of the four TJoP flavors in your mod manager (Male, Female, Male Transitions or Female Transitions).

For manual installations extract the contents of the Data folder found in:'The Joy of Perspective [XXXXXXX] -=V0.9.3=-rar' to your Skyrim data folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\data).

3. Click yes to overwrite all files/folders if prompted.

4. Place the following lines of text at the end of your Skyrim.ini file (C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\My Games\Skyrim), if they exist already, change the values to match the below.

(Adjust this to set your aim to your perference)

(Disables 3rd person spinning camera on long idle times - set to 0 to enable)


If removal via NMM fails a manual removal can be performed as follows:

1. Delete the following folder from your Skyrim install directory:

'Data\meshes\Actors\Character\_1st person'

2. Delete 'The Joy of Perspective.esp'

1st Person Transitions installation:

Attention: WIP - The 'Transitions' versions of the mod contain some very minor bugs

Minor bugs aside, I recommend at least trying this version of the mod as it up immersion an awful lot. [/]i]


- Exiting some furniture causes player to stand on it. Just continue to move in the direction you stand from.

- Sometimes the player gets stuck in a 'walking' loop after exiting some furniture. Just sit on another furniture item and stand again to fix this.

- Minor character placement issues on some furniture items. More noticeable in 3rd Person Mode.

1st Person Transitions Removal:

Important: Do not uninstall 'The Joy of Perspective [XXXXXX Transitions] -=V0.9.3=- Beta' - reinstall it if you have to.

1. Create a save with the 'The Joy of Perspective [XXXXX Transitions] -=V0.9.3=- Beta' addon still active and exit

2. Activate 'The Joy of Perspective [1st Person Transition Fix] -=V0.9=- Beta' in NMM.

[i] For manual installations extract the contents of the Data folder found in 'The Joy of Perspective [1st Person Transition Fix] -=V0.9=- Beta' to your Skyrim data folder (CProgram FilesSteamsteamappscommonSkyrimdata).

3. Load you save game and check that the transitions have returned to 3rd person.

4. Create a clean save.

5. Disable both 'The Joy of Perspective [XXXXX Transition Fix] -=V0.9=- Beta' & 'The Joy of Perspective [XXXXXXX Transitions] -=V0.9.3=- Beta' in NMM.

For manual removal extract the contents of the Data folder found in 'The Joy of Perspective [XXXXXX] -=V0.9.3=- Beta' to your Skyrim data folder (C:\Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonSkyrimdata) or delete ALL files relating to this mod from your skyrim data folders.

Fixing Horse Riding Camera Bug:

See temporary fix in 'Optional Files'.

Update Instructions:

If you're updating from a previous version, make sure to delete all files of the old version first before unpacking the archive.

Custom armors and body replacer mods:

When you're using completely new Models that didn't replace any existing one you can still try this:

Every armor and cloth is using a specific mesh for 1st person. It's mostly called "1stpersonbody1f_0" or something similar. The 1st tells you that it's for 1st person view. The "f" tells you that this mesh is for female characters. There are also meshes for males and the morph version (_0 or _1)

All you have to do is to replace the 1st person meshes with the 3rd person mesh. For example: If there's a file called "1stpersonbody1f_0" than there also will be a file called "body1f_0" you have to copy the "body1f_0" file and rename it to "1stpersonbody1f_0". You can use NifSkope to help you identify which file needs to be replaced.

Here is an example of how to convert an armor mod:

* Unpack the armor mod

* Browse to: Mod name\Meshes\Armor\Name\Name

* Open '1stXXX_0.nif' in NifSkope - Observe that only arms are visble

* Open '1stXXX_1.nif' in NifSkope - Observe that only arms are visble

* Open 'Armorname_0.nif' in NifSkope - Observe that armor is visble

* Open 'Armorname_1.nif' in NifSkope - Observe that armor is visble

* Make copies of 'Armorname_0.nif' & 'Armorname_1.nif'

* Rename as follows:

'Armorname_0 copy.nif' = 1stXXX_0.nif
'Armorname_1 copy.nif' = 1stXXX_1.nif

* Repackage the mod

Custom Races:

"Help, I can't see my feet?!" Read below

1. Open up the CK. In the top bar menu click 'file - data'.
Set your race mod .esp as active file and flag all its 'Parent Masters' in the 'Plugin/Master Files' list. Now click Ok.
(If your race is an .esm, flag its masters and the .esm itself. Click Ok.) If any error massage pops up click 'no to all', you can ignore them.

2. Once the CK is loaded, take a look at the 'Object Window'. Find the 'Character Tab' and click on it. Navigate to the tab called 'Race'. Find your race and click on it. A new window will open.

3. Under 'Body Data' you can enable 'Fisrt Person' slots. Keep in mind, head and hairs won't work, circlets look odd. Click Ok when you're done. Save and exit.

(Add bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 under [General] in SkyrimEditor.ini in your /Skyrim folder if it gives a multiple masters error)

Compatibility Issues:

The mod is not compatible with any other mod that flags the races in the CK. It is also not compatible with any mod which changes the first person skeleton.nif or any of the 1st person animations.

Automatic Head-tracking may also cause issues if enabled.

Known Issues:

Bow arm does not move up or down enough while aiming

Sneak mode does not work with a weapon drawn

The player does not cast a shadow

Does not support crossbow at this time

1st Person Kill Moves Disabled

Recommend Companion Mods:

'The Joy of Perspective Compatible Patches' by Zillier (Fixes for some armors in 1stpv)

'Scenic Carriages' by Sollar (Good Alternative to Horse Riding)

'Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded' by Xgrufijury (Good Alternative to Horse Riding)

'DIMONIZED UNP female body' by dimon99

'3D Vision Complete Compatibility Project' by chizow with HeliX Mod

'Footprints' by jonwd7 (The footprint mod makes 1stpv even more immersive)

'Get Snowy' by Trebtreb

'First Person Horse Riding - Version 7' by Dan Caldwell

'First Person Horse Riding - workaround' by Snakeman


The Joy of Perspective - Trailer.

Skyrim - Mod of the Day Episode 64. Thank you

This Mod was featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly by MxR. Thank you

Also has been featured on Skyrim Mods Series 24 by SaioTV. Thank you

Version History:

The Joy of Perspective v0.9.3 Beta - 22-07-2013
- Updated Skeleton.nif to include 'Dual Sheath Redux' support.
- Added more visible 1st person armor slots .esp
- Added missing visible torso's for the races that were missed .esp
- Fixed missing 1st person furniture transitions in 'Transitions' versions.
- Added 'Dual Wielding Parry' mod support.
- Repackaged version archives for easier installation

The Joy of Perspective v0.9 Beta - New Build, 04-07-2013
- Re-edited animations to fix Magic Cast and Staff aiming
- Fixed 3rd Person Horse Riding
- New Skeleton.nif
- Added Male Animations Patch
- Added 1st Person Transitions addin and removal tool
- Various bug fixes and animation improvements

The Joy of Perspective v0.6 Beta - 29-10-2012
- Hand edited animations to place camera in correct positioning and re-add shake.
- Edited 1st Person skeleton to allow camera placement

alpha 05b, 16-04-2012 - Update (Male characters)
- animations for male characters are now available under optional files

alpha 05b none shaky, 15-04-2012 - Main files
- fixed sprinting.
- Arrow aiming is much better.
- a new skeleton.
- Helmets are now invisible.
- Original running animations.

alpha 05a none shaky, 26-03-2012 - Main files
- The camera is not attached to the eye-bone anymore.
- All kill moves are in 3rd person only. (because of the way Bethesda made them, I'm sorry).
- Not compatible with CHSBHC (will be added later)

alpha 04b, 13-02-2012 - Main files
- Feet, amulets, calves, aso. are now visible.
- Finishing moves are now in 1st person only.
- A new female skeleton with minor changes of the camera and some other small fixes.
- CHSBHC compatible skeleton added under optional files.

alpha 04a, 17-01-2012 - Update
- Complete new 1st person skeleton for male & female characters - missing bones added.
- Corrected the position of some of the bones to match exactly the 3rd person ones.
- The lower body animations are working in idle position now.
- All armor parts (not the feet!) are now visible.
- Male skeleton added under optional files.

alpha 03c, 14-01-2012 - Main files
- Esp file now included, no need for switching the files anymore and the file size is reduced.
- Minor changes at the female skeleton.

alpha 03b, 12-01-2012 - First alpha release
- Contains the main files as well as the 1stperson meshes for most of the armors.




A big thanks to Loup Sombre for his help and assistance.

A big heads up and hello to the Stereo 3D, Headtracking & HMD communities. It's the way to play!! Special thanks and respect to Helix and his team for the 3D Vision patches they create.