Starshoot Arrow by StarDust
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Added: 08/11/2014 - 04:22AM
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Name: Starshoot Arrow
Author: StarDust (from ANK team, CHN)
Translator and uploader: homosaikou

This mod uses some textures from Power of The Stars by bl3azy,  Equipment of Eternal Shine by lKocMoHaBTl.
This mod adds a new type of arrow, Starshoot Arrow. It has the advantage of long range and a glaring look.
During its flight, it gives out ministars with a tail at the bottom.
When it attack the enemy, the starbloom occurs.

How to get it:
help "starshoot arrow" or craftable


By Vatiwah
starshoot arrow part begins at 06:55

By Seriezs
starshoot arrow part begins at 04:01

Recommended mods:
Power of The Stars : It contains many star things and another type of arrow, Star Arrows. Compatible with my mod. 
Equipment of Eternal Shine
 : Good quiver and arrows, I use it in Starshoot Arrow.
Shooting Stars : Great work by isoku.
Nightsky via Silver : The nightsky texture replacer translated by me.

Power of The Stars  bl3azy
Equipment of Eternal Shineby lKocMoHaBTl ( I sent him message several days ago, and now waiting for his reply) co'mon his last online on Steam is 54 days ago, don't tell me he's afk from skyrim.