The Black Thief Hood Boots and Gloves by Alokorben
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Added: 11/01/2012 - 11:09PM
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Last updated at 9:32, 24 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 23:09, 11 Jan 2012

Update: uploaded new .rar for Black Thief Boots because of incorrect file structure. Thanks to forrestermarc for the catch.

Update: Added a pair of enchanted gloves (fortify lockpicking @ 40%) and enchanted boots (muffled).

I really like the Black Mage Hood for my thief character but the Restore Magicka enchant did nothing for me, or my character. So I decided to get the hood and turn it from a lame mage hood into a thiefy-thief hood, like it should have been in the first freakin' place.

I removed the Restore Magicka (who really needs that crap?) and added Fortify Sneak at 40%. Then I took the texture and turned it from a purplish, brown sort of thing into a true black hood. Yeah baby, now that's what I'm talking about,

After playing with it in game, I decided it might not be a bad idea to have an unenchanted version to add whatever I wanted to it via the EnchantingArcanethinghamabob.

Now, I've done a bunch of modding over the years, mainly for myself, and decided "what da heck, why not upload it." So I present to you the "Black Thief Hood" and the "Black Thief Hood," of course, one is enchanted and one isn't.

Dump the files into your data directory and let the thiefering begin!

To get them in-game, hit the tilda key (~) and then type:

help "black thief" 4

Update: All items will appear with their code numbers, type in for each one:

player.additem 1

There ya go.

If you don't want my texture just don't copy the textures files over, or if you only want the unenchanted one and not the enchanted one just copy that one into your data directory or if you just want the enchanted one and not the unenchanted one copy that one to your data directory.

If you have any problems let me know so I can go screaming toward the head (bathroom, restroom, watercloset, etc.) in a fit of panic and despair.