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Released for Skyrim SE on PC (SSE Nexus) (Bethesda)
Released for Skyrim SE on Xbox One (Bethesda)
Released for Skyrim SE on PS4 (Bethesda)



350+ new spells that provide an immense amount of roleplaying options!


This version will no longer be updated.
Please switch to the Skyrim SE version to continue receiving updates.


Phenderix Magic Evolved (PME) is the largest and most comprehensive spell mod available for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Currently, it adds over 350 new spells to the game. These include the following new spell archetypes: Fire, Frost, Lightning, Divine, Darkness, Earth, Poison, Wind, Blood, Bomb, Water, Teleportation, Spirit, Elemental, Familiar, Summoning, Skeletal, Rune, Enchantment, and many others. This is a massive sandbox collection of balanced spells that I strongly encourage you to download and try out.

This mod allows you to:
1.   Use over 350 spells to decimate foes or aid allies. Found in loot, chests, and vendors throughout your adventures.
2.   Utilize new archetypes to create interesting spell combinations. Ex. Use water magic then lightning magic for amplified damage!
3.   Summon nearly every creature found in Skyrim. In addition, some spells allow you to conjure three creatures at once!
4.   Enormous amount of new roleplaying options: blood magic, druid magic, skeletal magic, wind magic, water magic, and more!
5.   Dynamic summons that can be dismissed and have their stats viewed!
6.   Become mightier than any warrior ever before through the usage of enhance speed and weapon speed spells!
7.   Some spells can be used like powers, allowing a dual wielder to still utilize magic!
8.   Cast defensive spells to protect or heal allies.  
9.   Look awesome! These spells use customized effects and shaders to create distinct spells that are separate from vanilla Skyrim.
10. Replicate enemies, turn them into chickens, or pull them through space-time!! 

Please check out the section below regarding compatibility! If you would like me to add increased compatibility or synergy with another mod please let me know by leaving a comment! I encourage you to use PME with other magic mods.



Use the Nexus Mod Manager for Skyrim to download this mod. Make sure to enable the mod after download!

To install this mod download the zip file and extract its contents. Select the esp file, sound folder, and script folder. Copy and paste them into your Skyrim/Data directory. If you are asked to overwrite anything select the option “yes to all”. Use the Nexus Mod Manager or Skyrim mod list to enable this mod for usage in-game.

The spells in this mod are added to leveled lists for spell tomes. This means you will be able to buy PME spell tomes from vendors throughout the game. This process is very organic and similar to how you would normally obtain spell tomes in vanilla Skyrim. 

If you wish to cheat to obtain all of the spells, find the cheat chest next to Farengar in Whiterun's Dragonsreach.


This mod adds many new archetypes and spell combinations to Skyrim. Please find below very basic descriptions of some of the spells added by PME. For detailed information regarding spells please check out their descriptions in-game. 

New archetypes that each add many new spells to the game.

Holy archetype - spells that damage a target and heal the caster
Darkness archetype - spells that damage a target and weaken its resistance to fire
Water archetype - spells that damage a target and weaken its resistance to shock/lightning
Blood archetype - spells that damage a target but also damage the caster
Earth archetype - spells that damage a target's health and stamina
Lightning archetype - spells that damage a target's health and magicka
Frost archetype - spells that damage a target and slow its movement speed
Wind archetype - spells that damage a target and cost little to no magicka
Fire archetype - spells that damage a target
Poison archetype - spells that damage a target over time
Combat archetype - spells that have various offensive and defensive capabilities
Bomb archetype - spells that allow for a bomb with a timer to be placed

New types of spells.

Touch spells - allows the caster to touch a target and cause damage to a target
Telekinetic spells - allow the caster to instantly damage a target no matter the distance
Volley spells - continuous stream of projectiles that damages targets
Barrage spells - intense continuous stream of projectiles that damages targets
Blast spells - blast of energy that harms a target
Destroyer spells - continuous blast of energy that harms a target
Summon spells - allows the caster to summon nearly every creature found in Skyrim
Host spells - allows the caster to summon three creatures all at once.
Enchantment spells - empower a weapon to do additional elemental damage
Gate/Enhance spells - run faster, attack faster
Time spells - slow, stop, accelerate time
Shields - provide resistance to caster
Fortify spells - temporarily fortify skills or attributes
Teleportation spells - teleport to a variety of locations or pull targets
Weakness spells - make a target weaker or make it less resistant to magic
Drain spells - drain a target's health, stamina, or magicka
Rune spells - new runes that cause a variety of effects on a target
Rune Repeater spells - rapidly place new runes that cause a variety of effects on a target
Forbidden spells - spells so strong that they can only be used once per day

In addition, there are many more archetypes and spells are added by PME. It's simply  infeasible to write detailed descriptions here for 400 spells.

Some of these spells are meant to be used in combination with each other. Try out combinations! Experiment on your foes...or your allies!
Experiment thought 1...stop time has some cool effects when combined with other offensive spells. Can time when a spell hits a target!!


In version 7.00, all new perks previously added by PME have been removed.

Twin souls perk changed to Triple souls to allow for 3 summons at the same time.
The rune master perk has been changed to allow for even further placement of runes.


Version 7.01 - Bug Fixes and General Improvements 

Improved spell descriptions. (Still more work to do)
Fixes regarding Water and Earth archetypes
Various other small changes

Version 7.00 - A New Beginning

Spells have been integrated into leveled lists; removed Phenderix Ambassador and Guards
Removed all perks associated with PME. (Twin Souls is still Triple Souls)
Archetypes renamed; increased lore friendliness
Improved descriptions for some spells added by PME
Overhaul of some archetypes; check description page for more information
Time spells hopefully function properly now
Rebalancing of many spells
New summon and host spells
Massive amount of background work with data records (Easier updates in the future)
Some spells now scale with Vanilla perks and enchantments
Some spells now can be properly resisted depending on the target
Overhaul of mod description page on Nexus

For detailed update information prior to version 7.00, please check out the read-me for this mod!


Q: Is this mod compatible with Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim?

A: Yes, they work together and both populate vendor lists. This leaves you with many spells to choose from.

Q: Is this mod compatible with mods that change the leveled lists for spell tomes?

A: No. This mod makes changes to spell tome leveled lists. May cause compatibility issues for some mods. Need to do more research. If you find a mod that conflicts, it seems like all you need to do is create a Bashed Patch.

Worst case scenario: put the mod that makes changes to spell tome leveled lists after this mod in your load order. That mod will still work properly         and you can always get PME spells from the cheat chest in Dragonsreach.

Q: Is this mod compatible with "Insert Perk Mod Here"?

A: Phenderix Magic Evolved should work with every perk mod. However, perks that change anything magic related may not affect spells added by PME. If you would like increased compatibility or synergy with a perk mod, please leave a comment on this page!


Chevenga for help creating a better text readme! Thank you!
Fg109 for various help creating scripts. Thank you so much!
mcw11 at Bethesda Forums for vendor tome information.
SkyEdit to create esp files before the construction kit came out.
Bethesda Softworks for creating the amazing game that is Skyrim!

Lastly, thank you all for your support and continued suggestions, you have truly helped shape this mod and I hope you like where it is going.