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This mod is the largest and most comprehensive spell mod available for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Currently it adds many new spells to the game. These include the following new spell archetypes: Phoenix, Glacial, Static, Holy, Phantom, Terra, Acidic, Gale, Blood, Bomb, Oceanic, Teleportation, Spirit, Elemental, Familiar, Summoning, Skeletal, Rune, Enchantment, and many others. Also included are spells based off of popular franchises such as Harry Potter and Naruto. (With lore-friendly names) This is a massive sandbox collection of balanced spells that I strongly encourage you to download and try out.


To install this mod download the zip file and extract its contents. Select the esp file, sound folder, and script folder. Copy and paste them into your Skyrim/Data directory. If you are asked to overwrite anything select the option “yes to all”. Use the Nexus Mod Manager to enable this mod for usage in-game.

To obtain the spells contained in this mod go to one of the following locations: Dragonsreach (Whiterun), Blue Palace (Solitude), Mistveil Keep (Riften), Palace of the Kings (Windhelm), Understone Keep (Markarth), or the Arcaneum (College of Winterhold) and buy them from the Phenderix Ambassador. You will not be able to buy some of the spells depending on what your appropriate skill levels are. Level them up to buy new spells.

If you would like to cheat and obtain all of the spells regardless of what level your abilities are then simply steal all of the spell tomes from a chest that resides in each city somewhere near where the Phenderix Ambassador is. All tomes should be in the chest.


For more info regarding spells please check out the spell list below. All spells are cast like normal and have various effects.


Phenderix Empowerment Perks – Makes spells added by this mod do more damage.
Lingering Acid Perks – Make acidic spells do damage for a longer period of time.
Efficient Destroyer Perks – Allows you to cast destroyer spells for less magicka.
Purer Blood Perks – Blood spells cost less magicka to cast.
Sustain Gate Release – Gate release spells last for a longer period of time.

Twin souls perk changed to Triple souls to allow for 3 summons at the same time.
The rune master perk has been changed to allow for even further placement of runes.

If you have a mod that changes perks load it after this mod to ensure that mod works properly.
If you do not want perks added by this mod use the no perks version.


Version 6.31
Hopefully fixed all issues regarding conjurations and spell absorption. 
Fixed potential errors caused by Blazebolt spell.

Version 6.30
Improved descriptions for many spells added by this mod.
All offensive glacial spells have been slightly reworked. Now do slightly less damage but all slow targets.
Resistance and weakness spells reworked. Weakness spells are now permanent.

Version 6.20
New configuration options using mod configuration menu (MCM) if you use the mod SkyUI. 

Can now, using the MCM menu: 
Disable or Enable notifications in relation to effect start and end times 
Disable or Enable notifications regarding familiar death 

Conjure familiar dwarven ballista was removed due to reported errors.

Version 6.10
Around 500 edits to sounds associated with spells added by this mod. 

Added new room to Prime Evil Lair. Can now challenge the Lord of Shadows. 
(This was a boss fight in a update about a year ago that I removed) 
Defeat him and you obtain the ultimate spell Blaze of Wrath. 

Various other small changes to spells. 

Version 6.00

Added 22 new spells. 

Familiars: Ash Hopper, Ash Immolator, Jumping Spider Frost/Fire/Shock, Spider Queen, Lurker, Serpentine Dragon (Fire/Frost), Riekling Chief/Warrior/Ranger, Bristleback, Netch, Burnt Spriggan, Dwarven Ballista 

Host: Jumping Spider Host, Riekling Host 

Various New Spells: Phoenix Slasher, Holy Devotion, Phantom Grasp, Blood Eradication 

Summon Phenderix Ambassador/Guard moved to adept conjuration. (50) 
Both NPCs are nerfed. Can now barter with ambassador when you summon him. 
Many summons added to familiar archetype. (Some spell renamings, duration/cost changes) 
Spell menu image fixes. Description changes and improvements. 
Host spells cost and cast time in general decreased. Replicator moved to manipulate archetype. 
Many other small changes to a few spells. 

Version 5.30
This mod should work much better with AI mods that give spells to NPCs. 
Killing curse and black fire work properly now. 
Killing curse now works via script. Black fire now 60 seconds. 
Familiar Script Improvement. No longer notify you of summon that dies that is not yours. 
Can now view familiar level in the stats box accessed by pressing (E) 

Divine Healing Blast and Holy Shining Light properly moved to Restoration spell category. 
Prime Evil cloak now properly does damage and is bigger in scale. (slightly buffed) 
Spectral Arrow cost decreased. Oceanic Barrage projectile speed decreased. 
Terra Boulderite menu image fixed. Few other very small changes. 

Couple new loading screens and small edits to existing ones. 

Cleaned mod further. No more worldspace edits and no changes to AVDetectLife. 

Version 5.20
Added Prime Evil teleport and summon spell. Defeat him to get the tome or steal it from chest.
Reworked some perks and added more levels to them.
Hopefully fixed black fire and killing cures being too strong when used by NPCs, let me know.
Description and various text improvements.
Some spell tomes now cheaper because of limited gold at beginning of the game.
The no perks version should have working unlock/lock spells now.
Multiple conjurations for dawnguard familiars. (Didn't allow before, my mistake)

Version 5.11
Removed featherfall spell. (Too many bugs)
Changed appearance of vendor and guards.

Version 5.10
Added 14 new Spells!
Can now ride conjured horses.
All spells added by this mod are now in a archetype.
For rest of changes read updates section of mod page.

Version 5.00
8 new summon spells!
3 new divine spells!
Some summon cost reductions.
Fortify spells buffed.

Version 4.20
Now all-in-one again. Contains vendor, cheat chest, and no perks version.
Cleaned mod removing some issues that likely were occuring.
Removed a couple duplicate spells from leveled lists.
Improved description page a little bit. (Fixed image sizing issues)

Version 4.10
Added a cleaned version of this mod.
It removes all Ambassadors and Guards. Leaves the chests.
Much smaller file size for people to download.
Cleaned mod will fix many CTDs and other issues.


Chevenga for help creating a better text readme! Thank you!
Fg109 for various help creating scripts. Thank you so much!
Jay33721 for amazing voice acting work for the Manantis Ambassador!
mcw11 at Bethesda Forums for vendor tome information.
SkyEdit to create esp files before the construction kit came out.
Bethesda Softworks for creating the wonderful game that is Skyrim!

And lastly all of you that leave your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for your support and continued suggestions, you have truly helped shape this mod and I hope you like where it is going. Keep it up!

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