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If you want a standalone that is based off an amazing vanilla style retex then you might want to check out my other mod:

Stormborn Iron Armor and Shields Standalone and Replacer

This armor (StormBorn, not Hot off the Forge) is based off CaBaL120's amazing aMidianBorn Iron Armor retex which you can find here:

aMidianBorn Iron Armor

If you like the Imperial-themed Iron Armor in the pics, you can find that standalone version here:

Ferrous Dragon Armor
UPDATE 6/5/12: Thanks to amd64gamer, I learned that the standalone was jacked up with the wrong folder name. My apologies to anyone who downloaded and didn't have this work right, it would have simply overwritten vanilla iron armor to look like my mod. It is fixed now so it will truly be a standalone, and vanilla iron armor should remain the same - vanilla.

UPDATE 5/31/12: Added standalone "Nordic Warlord" versions for male and female. I tested this myself and had no problems but if you come across any, please let me know.. I have thrown in the shields in the package as well, and of course they are optional at the forge. To forge the equipment, you need to have the "Advanced Armors" perk, and you will still find the armors and shields under "IRON" at the forge. The stats for the armor give it protection around Orcish and Steel Plate stats. In accordance with this, the Nordic Warlord Armor and Shields will require more ingredients in number as well as more expensive/rare metals to make, mainly you will need corundum, steel, and quicksilver, in addition to iron. Enjoy!

I do plan on updating the textures for everything as well as trying to give the iron a more metallic look through using some techniques I'm not quite experienced with yet. Hopefully it will turn out okay and I will upload if so.

If you like the look of this armor then I also suggest you try my other Iron Weapons mod:


I designed the "Nordic Style" weapons to complement this armor and I think you will like!

UPDATE 4/24/22: Female version now added. Main file will replace both male and female vanilla versions.

UPDATE 4/22/12: version 2 of the Iron Armor is now available. At the moment I only have the male set done. This current version (v2.0) is actually going to be part of a larger iron mod that makes it a standalone along with some other variants.

I felt sorry for the iron armor in the game. I didn't think it was altogether bad but to me it looked well.....ugly. It made no sense to me that when one bought iron armor new or forged it themselves it still looked like it was found in a ditch somewhere next to a pond in Mississippi. is my idea of new iron armor. This will not be to everyone's taste and if you demand that your iron still have some rust or something then this is not for you.

To install, simply paste the "data" folder into your root Skyrim directory or download with NMM