Iron and Silver Ingots to Ores by Excrucius
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Added: 10/01/2012 - 09:45AM
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I always hated the fact that shops always sell lots and lots of Iron Ingots, but only 3 to 5 iron ores. And they don't sell gold ores or gold ingots. I don't even use Iron ingots anymore, I need gold ingots to make my BLING BLING jewelry.

I mean, hello? I have a Transmutation skill here, I want to make them into gold ingots. But I can't. What, I can transmute ores, but not ingots? Well that's dumb.

With this mod you can buy like 30 iron ingots and smelt them back to 30 iron ores. Transmute them to gold ores and then you can smelt gold ingots.

So yeah, 1 simple mod, 2 extra recipes. I didn't do the rest like Corundum, Orichalcum or Gold, because there isn't any much point smelting them back. It's not like you can transmute your gold ore to platinum ore anyway. =x

Recipes are at the Smelter, NOT THE FORGE.