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Forgotten Dungeons adds  28 new radiant-quest enabled dungeons in Skyrim.

Thanks for the video: DonProtein

Secret Factory                                           Secret Sanctuary
- Size: Medium                                                       - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Fellglow Keep/Forgottenzel            - Location: Drela's Cottage
- Enemies: Dwarwen Automations                            - Enemies: Draugrs
(Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)                            (Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)
Secret Hideout                                              Secret Nest
- Size: Small                                                             - Size: Small
- Location: Near Deep Folk Crossing                            - Location: Dragons Bridge
- Enemies: Bandits,(Silver hand)                                 - Enemies: Spiders
(Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)                   (Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)

White Skin Cave   
                       Big White Nest
  Size: Medium                                                                       - Size: Small
- Location: Forgotten Vale                                                      - Location: Forgotten Vale
- Enemies: Falmers                                                                - Enemies: Frost Giants
(Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)                                           (Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)

Tripleway                                     Dwemerland                 
- Size: Small                                                                           - Size: Large
- Location: Near Dragons Bridge                                             - Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                                 - Enemies: Dwarwen Automations
(Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)                                              (Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)

- Size: Small                                                         
- Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp                          
- Enemies: Bears                     
(Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)

DeadLand (Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)
- Size: Very Small
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Draugrs
Includes keys Underneath Barrow, Skeletons Sanctuary, Darkside Cave, Undead Paradise Dungeons

TrapLand ( Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)
- Size: Small
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: No enemies

Forgotten Pit ( Only in Forgotten DungeonsAll)
- Size: Large
- Location: Near Raven Rock-Bloodskal barrow /Solstheim
- Enemies: Draugrs


Forgotten Dungeons 28 and Forgotten DungeonsAll is not compatible with Forgotten Dungeons A,B,C. If you want to use all the
dungeons ABC files should be installed all at once.
In addition, do not use Forgotten Dungeons 28 and Forgotten dungeonsAll at the same time.

----------------- Forgotten DungeonsDLC  (Optional, Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn add-ons) -------

Forgotten Dungeons in Skyrim Special Edition

- Use NMM or MO 
- Extract the file to a temporary location.
- Copy file to "Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data" folder
- Open Skyrin Launcher and activate Forgotten Dungeons.esp / or Forgotten DungeonsDLC.esp (if you use)

- Delete "Forgotten Dungeons.esp /or Forgotten DungeonsDLC.esp,bsa,bsl (if you use)
" file from (Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data) folder

Special thanks
 - Elandra  - German translation
 - Ablaze666  - Fixing "Deleted navmesh error"
 - DonProtein  - Video Preview

My English is not very good, so a description is translated directly from Google Translate.