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- This is a texture replacer, it will replace the Vanilla Green Robes and Hooded Green robes.
- Incompatibility isn't a thing here, unless you're using another replacer for the same texture.
- Male and female texture, CBBE, UNP, UNPB, 7B, Adec, or whatever body replacer should alter the shape of the robes will not deform the texture, hence all robe meshes are fully compatible

Ah, the green robes, the only ones to actually have a form of decoration in Vanilla Skyrim, yet the only ones unobtainable without Console Commands.

When I started this I thought: I'd really love a Bosmer style robe, something that would fit the whole green/leather theme, somewhat between an hunter and a mage, to make it simple.
So I came up with this, trying to make the layered gown I'm so fond of in my retextures to look like leaves, the result wasn't exactly what I had in mind, yet I liked it somewhat more, so here it is.

Note: This retex is pretty old, keeping it all packed and ready to publish was killing me.


-Completely new colours and patterns.
-Decorations and trimming on the borders.
-Tiered gown effect.
-Highly detailed dual-coloured hood.
-Various lore friendly decorations, including celtic knotworks.
-General 3d effects or attempts to do it. (Only visual of course, no meshes were edited)
-More detailed wrinkles and folds (Again, it's only a visual effect)
-Details and decorations on hood.


1. Unzip the archive through Winzip or WinRar.
2. Copy and paste the "Data" folder inside the archive in your Skyrim directory.
3. Enjoy.


Credits to Halofarm, as I used his "Pinup Poser" for the Screenies.


Please, do not re-upload this or any of my previous works on any other website.

Please, leave a comment, I love seeing written opinions about my work, I'll be happy and you'll help me improve. (: