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Last updated at 0:07, 3 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 20:46, 30 Aug 2014

The mod adds a new standalone companion into the game, a bosmer shaman known as Cian.
Cian is essential and marriageable. He has unique set of equipment and spells.
He can be found in Falkreath, at the Dead man’s Drink.


Skyrim version

Place mod's files to your Data folder. Activate CianBosmerShaman.esp in the game launcher.

Dismiss Cian as your follower. Save game.
Then remove files from following folders

Bethesda for Skyrim
Geonox for Face textures
Urshi for Smooth Male Body normal maps
His subcredit list includes:
Imperator3 for Mens Underwear replacer
neovinci – meshes,
and BaronDavid - textures.
Kris Jay for Male body tattoo
luddemann for Shaman armor
galy3 for Earrings
DreamBurrow for Regal Huntsman Armor
nuska for Hair
My dear friend Aisaka for testing and screenshots.