Heartwood Keep by Urshy
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Located just a stone's throw away from Heartwood Mill in Rifthold with beautiful lakeside surroundings.
A key is required to enter. It's not too hard to find...

Features include:
Automatic lighting - day/night cycle
Automatic closing gates
Unique trophy displays
Single area for all crafting
Sleeps 9 followers
Adoption friendly with room for 6 kids
Housekeeper/Merchant with 25k gold
Automatic storage with General Stores

Hearthfires DLC
 General Stores by Harvey2112

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix - Heartwood Keep adoption stuff is built around this so, pretty much required for kids.
My Home is Your Home by Volek - Excellent mod for making followers sandbox in multiple areas
Sleep Tight by Isoku - Forces NPCs to strip to sleepwear or nude when sleeping

Dawnguard DLC - Dragonborn DLC
NMM installation will offer the option to install additional material if you have the DLCs
They both provide additional trophy displays for the respective DLCs

Sexy Riften v2 by Horrorview for a really nice makeover
Multiple Floors Sandboxing by Dovahklon to make followers use all floor levels

General Stores by Harvey2112
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
Shadow1259 Resources by Shadow1259
Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary

Riverwood Millhouse