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Added Wings

- Boots of the Betrayer of light
- Cuirass of the Betrayer of light
- Gauntlets of the Betrayer of light
- Boots of the Betrayer of light
- Wings of the Betrayer of light

- The Betrayer of Light 1h mace/sword : regenerates 80 points of health when hit.

- Shield of the Betrayer of Light

- Aberios, Betrayer of the Light NPC

- Letter of the Light : adds information to find Aberios.
- Go to Whiterun/Dragonreach and find the notes at the war table.
- Read the note, find Aberios and kill him to loot his body and get the items.
- Female and male mesh the same.
- he is EXTREMELY hard, so be carefull when attacking him.
- he regenerates health by hitting you.
- HINT : use shouts when he is on high ground, try stunning him.
Forgive me. I have betrayed you. killed them. swallowed there souls. Forgive me,
for I have sinned.

My trial will not end. The light has spoken. Speak back, that's what I heard. Light, not the sun. The light, that is what I betrayed.

Forgive me for I have sinned against the light. Nor is my alliance with darkness. I despise them both.

Forgive me, for the way I write. My soul is bound to this flesh. My soul is not free.

Forgive me, for I have sinned against this world. Against the ones that are alive, and the ones that are dead.
Death is not an escape. For death is permanent.
Thx to :
- Bethesda
- Creation Kit
- Nifskope
- Photoshop
- Creation Kit
- Blender
- emile : for the idea of the wings.


Sry for the bad english.