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Edit: Yay! 100 downloads!

Edit: With the permission of mrLenski, I uploaded the eye texture I edited for Neeka from his mod Covereyes found here!

Edit: I added a save at the beginning of the game before being put to the chopping block for those interested.

I created this fresh save file as a remake of my own female Orc for others to try. She is gorgeous! I decided that running the character through becoming the Thane of Whiterun would be an optimal starting point for people. This leaves you free to run off in whatever direction you like without having to unlock the first Dragon Shout. Plus, you have Lydia if followers are your thing.

She comes with 2.1k gold, she's got a handful of weapons and armor already. Nothing special, just what a character at her point would have. She has light armor, heavy armor and even robes should you like to create an Orc caster (if Berserker Rage increases Destruction spells... wow).

In the barrel in front of Warmaiden's, I stashed her bones and scales from the first dragon fight. She was overburdened and hasn't accumulated enough cash to purchase a house.

Sorry for my low-res screens, by the way, my rig is pathetic!

To make her look like the screenshots, you'll need the following mods in order of overlap beginning with the first.

- Skree000's Fountain of Youth - Beauty Project v1-5
- Bella's Better Females, less makeup version 2 and the no shine optional file. I did not include the eyebrow part of the mod, imo it makes fugly eyebrows on elves.
- navetsea's Straight Hair Retexture
- mrLenski's Covereyes, note the option I have for the eyes is actually the blue ice option for Orcs in his mod. I, however, edited it in GIMP by desaturating it and tweaking it a touch for a steel gray appearance.