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SKY Standalone Followers

Iridis The Imperial BattleMage
Solis The Breton Sorcress
Cael The WoodElf Archer
Aura The Redguard Warrior
Lumen The Nord Assassin


-Skyrim Version or higher.


Download and install with NMM or manually download and unpack the file and then move the “data” folder to your Skyrim data folder. 
This mod is not made for a torrented game, and If you have any problems using it with a torrent game, I will not provide support.


Uninstall with NMM or manually delete all the files that came in the “data” folder listed in the mod.


Each follower has customized combat, and I took the time to create a new individualized class for each follower. The followers are all named after a latin word, Iridis meaning rainbow, Solis meaning sun, Cael meaning sky, Aura meaning breeze, and Lumen meaning light. Each is fully standalone and marriageable. Unp, Cbbe, SeveNBase and BBP-TBBP body options are available. User photos are greatly appreciated, as well as endorsements if you enjoy the mod. 

Where Can I find Them?

Iridis is in the Bannered Mare (Whiterun)
Solis is in the Arcadia's Cauldron (Whiterun)
Cael is in the Temple of Kynereth (Whiterun)
Aura is in Warmaiden's (Whiterun)
Lumen is in the Hall of the Dead (Whiterun)

Optional Locations: College of Winterhold and Dragonsreach.

Mods Used in Screenshots
Somber Enb 3
aMidianBorn Book of Silence
Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament (Dark Brotherhood armor replacer, used on Lumen, not included in file)

Recommended Mods
Simple Alchemist's Shack Overhaul


dimon99 for the Unp Body
Caliente for the Cbbe Body
t1980 for the SeveNBase Body
HelloSanta for the SG Female Textures and conversions of the hair meshes and textures from the SG hair pack
LogRaam for the Eyes Of Beauty
nevenbridge81 for the Natural Eyes
lthot for the Brows
zzjay for the Smile in HD
CherryHotaling for the 
AlexSlesh for the CBBE BBP TBBP body
Testers: Datotherjew and fortydageekist

My Other Mods

Thanks FantastikLulu!