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*updated to v1.2* 


In my opinion restoring the thieves guild to vanilla former glory was extremely underwhelming. One of the things that aggravated me the most was that although the thieves guild becomes rich, the vault room never fills back up. Shouldn't the thieves guilds vault room fill with riches as your guild becomes more wealthy? 

If you agree and want this change look no further! As the thieves guild gains presence in major holds and "levels up" so shall the Vault room! I did not just do the vault room, I have made tons of minor changes to the entire guild hall (more food, more alchemy ingredients, more clutter). All of these changes slowly make themselves more present as you level up your guild. 


Once you complete the thieves guild main quest line, you are prompted to complete small jobs for Delvin and Vex in 5 main cities in Skyrim in order to gain "presence" in every hold. The point of gaining presence is to restore the thieves guild back to its former glory. After you complete 5 radiant jobs in ONE city (doesn't matter which one), you will do a final mission for that city. Once you complete that mission your thieves guild will "level up". You do not need to complete the jobs in Riften because the thieves guild already has presence in Riften. You will notice small changes made by Bethesda when your thieves guild levels up, all I have done was add more changes to each level up. Since there are a total of 4 final missions, (4 main cities) your thieves guild will level up 4 times. 


The treasure room is traditionally locked with two keys. Those keys will spawn on the guildmasters desk so this mod is lore friendly. Inside the vault room you will find that as you level up your guild, a lot of items and treasures will spawn. A lot of the items that will spawn are static items (cannot be picked up or moved) so it prevents the room from being ruined. That being said there are still some items you can grab. Note that the reason the items are static is because I did not fill this room with items so that you can just take them all and sell them. Also the items you can take are not game breaking/OP by any means. This mod is strictly for aesthetics. There are some other mods that do similar things to this mod but in my opinion they are game and immersion breaking. Besides the treasure room, I added things like more food, some more bookshelves, more weapons in the armory, alchemy ingredients, clutter, etc. 

This mod is probably compatible with all other mods, unless they spawn items in the exact same places. 

== FAQ == 

Q: If I did the radiant quests then install this mod, will the treasures spawn? 
A: Yes. Since the event markers are enabled (by completing the quest) the items are linked and will enable themselves. 

Q: Will the vault look full during the scene where Brynjolf takes you through the vault right after Mercer robs it? 
A: No. The treasure now despawns before that quest and will respawn later. 

Q: Why is my vault door locked even after I have done every quest? 
A: That is not because of this mod. This mod doesn't actually fiddle with the locking mechanism of that door. I just put the keys on the table for realistic lore sake, they aren't actually linked to the door. 

Q: Are you going to be updating this mod in the future? 
A: Yes. I will be looking to make more small changes. Possibly add a small quest where you find a note that says where Mercer hid the original vault loot (whatever is left of it by now). Possibly re do the DB. 

There are many small changes for you to appreciate if you install this mod. I hope you enjoy it! 

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*changelog v1.1* 

* changed falkreath shield to a markarth sheild 
* at stage 4 the puddle dissapears because the guild should be able to afford repairs 
* if you do the radiant quests before the main quest, all of the treasures will despawn in the vault room when you complete quest 6 (before entering the vault for the first time). The reason for this is so when you're shown how badly Mercer robbed the guild, it isn't full of the mod treasure. Also so Brynjolf doesn't say "all of the treasures are gone" while the treasures are visably still there. The treasures will spawn according to your thieves guild level later. 

*changelog v1.2* 

* broke everything on the last update. fixed now 
* also fixed some objects that should have been hidden