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NOTE: I couldn't figure out how to get the dungeons to say "Cleared" on the world map after finishing them. If anyone knows how to do that please let me know.


This mod adds 10 new dungeons to the world of Skyrim. All dungeons are fully navmeshed and have enemies and loot.


Gallant's Cave: Northeast of Whiterun.

Tomb of the Forgotten Kings: Under Solitude.

Hrothgar Barrow: On the path leading to the Greybeards.

Cold Mist Cave: Southeast of Windhelm.

Abandoned Tavern: Northeast of Dawnstar near the Imperial military camp. (No, it's not just a tavern)

Bandit Hideout: South of Riften.

Shipwreck Cave: Northeast of Winterhold.

Ancient Nordic Vault: West of Falkreath.

Tomb of the Outlaw King: Northeast of Morthal.

Riverwood Cave: North of Riverwood.


I made this mod to sharpen my level design skills, and my goal throughout making this mod was to make these dungeons feel like they could have already been in the vanilla game.


If you have a previous version of this mod (before 2.0) I recommend uninstalling it before installing this version.

CREDITS: Thanks to Bethesda for making Skyrim.