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Vikings _ Enhanced NPCs
(Enhanced Character Edit and ApachiiSkyHair -male and female hairs- required to use this mod.)

Originally intended as a supplemental population for my Providence mod it occurred to me that there might be some of you who didn't want that "Amazing!" mod for some unknown reason - that might still find a use for these NPCs (particularly if you're a fan of the TV series "Vikings").

[Viking's logo from the History Channel's "Vikings"]


Ragnar - the head of the clan. His exploits in being the first to cross the seas and raid into England made him a legend in his own time.
Lagertha (the Shield Maiden) - Ragnar's once-upon-a-time wife, a jarl in her own right, and a warrior as good or better than most men.
Bjorn 'Ironsides' - Ragnar and Lagertha's now adult son - unscathed in battle and thus the nickname bestowed upon him by his father.
Rollo - a proud man with an identity crisis formed out of the shadow of his famous brother. And like his brother, Ragnar ... a fierce fighter.
Siggy - wife of the ex-jarl who was 'unseated' (killed) by Ragnar in a challenge match. Currently linked to Rollo - whether 'by design' or 'by love' is not completely clear.
Floki - the clever, ever-faithful, and strangely off-kilter uncle most everybody loves. And
Athelstan - the 'slave-priest' captured by Ragnar on a raid to England who becomes a valued member of the family and the clan.

The Main File:

All are simple NPCs. Use your own companion overhaul mod to zap 'em with a spell (such as: AFT; puppetmaster - haven't used UFO or EFF so not sure if you can spell cast with those) to make them followers. I intentionally did not make them followers myself so that dialogue wouldn't constantly need to be bypassed when using your companion mod. All are set to level with you though some have higher ranges than others. All are essential.

Location: They can be found not knowing where to go next on the road south of Ivarstead near where the main roads intersect. (If you do happen to have "Providence" they're undoubtedly making themselves useful in the yard or inside sampling the ale kegs and getting comfortable there.)

Requirements: (1)Enhanced Character Edit - be sure to checkmark "No Cheeks Fix" when you install it - and (2)ApachiiSkyHair - both the male and female hairs installed seperately or together as in Apachii's latest update.
**Important** - When all files are installed and activated it's important to place the "Vikings.esp" above the "CharacterMakingExtender.esp" in your load order. [Check your plugins each time you run BOSS because it will move them about.] If you don't do this you'll get a warning when you load your game and the faces will be all screwed up.

Recommend downloading with the NMM but do as you will.

Concerned about ECE's vanilla skeleton replacing your beloved (and much needed) XP32 skeleton? Don't be. Let ECE's vanilla skeleton overwrite it on installation and then reinstall the XP32 to overwrite it afterward. It won't have any effect and is very easy to do using the NMM. Also - if you have FNIS you should probably update it again at this point since you've been messing with the skeleton.

The Optional File:

Think one of these faces just might be good enough for your PC? The option is available with the same requirements as the above main file.
**NOTE** - You must download this optional file manually to your desktop (or a location of your choosing) and place the .slot file for that particular character ( #'s are listed below) in your CME_save folder - typically located at: User> My Documents> My Games> Skyrim> CME_save. (Overwrite, replace or yes to all .. however it's worded.)

#1 _ Rollo (.slot file #1)
#2 _ Athelstan
#3 _ Floki
#4 _ Lagertha
#5 _ Siggy
#6 _ Bjorn

All of the above character faces are in the "NORD" race.

Ragner at slot #7 had to be in the "Redguard" race due to his hair - so be sure to select that race first then go to slot 7 in-game - but only for him.

#7 _ Ragnar

Selections are made in the "showracemenu" in your console (~).
Select Race first, then under "Body" choose your Sex then drop down to "Slot Load". Select "Next" in the first window that pops up in Slot Load, then select the appropriate number of the slot in the following pop-up window in Slot Load.
After that you'll very likely have to use your regular sliders to adjust hair style. hair color, and maybe eye color (frequently necessary because of the way Apachii reorders the sliders) to get the appearance I chose or to select your own. Name, Save, and Play.

Be aware that any mod you have activated that affects the human head, be it eyelashes, young skin - etc, will affect these as well and alter their appearance. I used no other mods or textures in their creation.

These instructions are included with the download so no worries if you haven't used ECE before.

Problem? I used both files and now I've got two of me. Solution: Click on your doppelganger (make sure it's the look-alike you're clicking on) while in your (~)console and type "disable" w/o quotes. Enter. *Poof* - gone.

Take care,

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