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Last updated at 21:58, 11 May 2015 Uploaded at 1:18, 6 Aug 2014

For the darker nights version of this mod, please visit my blog.
All updates will be posted on my blog going forward. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!


VERY IMPORTANT!!! You must change the gamma value in skyrimprefs.ini to

A very special thank you to Bronze316, Insomnia, LucidAPs and Asgaard Ov Nord. Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. Additonally I'd like to thank 
hodilton and BlueCheese85 for creating a beautiful presentation of my ENB in there videos! I don't think we credit them enough. They promote our mods for free in exquisite fashion. I ask all modders who have had a video done by hodilton or BlueCheese85 to consider donating to their work.

Please visit my blog for daily updates - faroffmods

The first video is from the original Nirn ENB, But I posted it so you can see the interiors. They are the same for both the original and COT version...

Special thanks to ianjoseph1986 for taking the time to create the wonderful video below of Nirn for COT. Bear in mind his computer is a bit low spec, but he did an amazing job for what he had to work with :)

A performance friendly enb! Better performance than REAL VISION!! Now compatible with Climates of Tamriel and Enhanced Lighting and Effects! An ENB preset with a unique depth of field geared toward screen archery. A lore friendly config with balanced weather where your character will look great under any lighting condition. Nights are not too dark in order to allow for nice character screen archery at night. Although, I don't believe nights are overly bright either. (Think of how nights were done for The Hobbit movies by Peter Jackson.)

This version includes an optional download for a Vanilla weather trainer using Script Dragon.
That's right! You can still use Vanilla weather and COT simultaneously. To toggle through the Vanilla weather, you just need to press the "page up" or "page down" keys. After 24 to 48 hours of game time, COT weather will kick back in. This is useful for screenshots or if you simply dislike a COT weather at that moment.

This is the second release for the Nirn ENB series. The first is a Vanilla balanced version. I'd say this first version has a more vibrant and crisp look to it. Still to come is a CGI animation version. You can keep track of my progress on flickr and my blog


Quick background on me and ENB...

I'm the creator of Far Off ENB 
Please see my blog to find other presets not shared here on Nexus as well as other mods and tips to get your game looking exactly like mine. 

Check out my other ENB presets here on Nexus: 
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For all Nirn versions download v0.261 ENB binary Get it here - (You only need the d3d9.dll file)



1. If you are coming from a different ENB config, DELETE any leftover or existing ENB files, especially the EFFECT.TXT file located in your Skyrim folder (Your Skyrim Folder is where TESV.exe should be located) If this file is left over, my ENB will use old data from your previous ENB. Disable any other Graphical mods that might interfere with this ENB. This excludes Climates of Tamriel and Enhanced Lighting and Effects. Those two mods are supported!

2. Copy all the files to your Skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is located). Click yes if asked to overwrite. Don't forget to put the ENB binary file here as well. (the d3d9.dll file mentioned at the beginning)

3. Editing SkyrimPrefs.ini:
Edit or add the next lines inside "SkyrimPrefs.ini" located in "C:Users********Documents\My Games\Skyrim" to look like this:

fGamma=1.0400 (This is important)

4. Editing enblocal.ini
ReservedMemorySizeMb=64 ... (256,512,1024)
For video cards with 2GB or more VRAM, 512 is a good baseline. For less VRAM, 256 can work better.
VideoMemorySizeMb=0 ... change to your VRAM size. (512,1024,2048...)
This setting should be set according to the available VRAM.

5. Disable "Anti-Aliasing" and "Anisotropic filtering" in the SkyrimLauncher options. Not doing so will disable some ENB effects.

6. Enable all .esp files that are included and load them in the following order...

ELFX .esp files
COT.esp files
ENB Snow Fx.esp
ELE-Spell and Torch Lighting.esp

7. Enjoy the ENB!



1. If you find performance is still to heavy I recommend disabling any of the following...
Reflections , Water, Under Water . or Ambient Occlusion. You can do this while playing the game by pressing Shift + Enter and just uncheck the box for each of these. DONT FORGET TO SAVE  and APPLY your changes!

2. If you want the depth of field to create a more extreme miniature effect, open enbeffectprepass.fx and change this line from 1 to 2 or 3. You can go higher, but it looks weird unless you are running beyond 1080p. (I run my game at 3200x2400 and use 5 for screenshots and if I just want to play, I use 1.)


3. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND enabling Nvidia Ambient Occlusion using the Oblivion flag. I created a tutorial on how to do this on my blog. (Go to Part 1 in the tutorial, you can ignore the other parts.Far Off Mods This is a setting I use which helps give my characters that CGI look.. You can definitely use both if your PC is up to it!

4. OPTIONAL: Add or edit your Skyrim.ini file with these lines. This is a nice shadow update transition so shadows aren't constantly shifting and bouncing around.


5. OPTIONAL: I prefer using this config when centering the camera behind the character at all times. This is just my preference. If you would like to try this out simply open your Skyim.ini file and copy and paste this into the bottom and save. On a side note, my depth of field was made for this camera position.

[Camera] <------Optional for 3rd person centered Camera, and looser turning (so the cam is not so 'fixed' behind the player as it moves), and instant POV switching. To use, remove the Semicolons.



Most are based on keeping the Vanilla look and feel for the game. 

All of the Unofficial Skyrim Patches

SkyRealism - Shiny (for vanilla armor only)

Post-Process Effects Addon by ZeroKing

Skyrim Snow FX for ENB by Mindflux

Yuril Bumpy Cities Pack by Yuril

Terrain Bump by SparrowPrince (overwrite Yuril Bumpy Cities with this one)

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek (Overwrite both Yuril Bumpy Cities Pack and Terrain Bump)

BBR - Big Bump Roads by Yuril(overwrite all with this one)

Project Parallax Remastered by Osmodius (Overwrite both Yuril Bumpy Cities ,Terrain Bump, BBR and SMIM with this one)

SkyFalls and SkyMills - Animated Distant Waterfalls and WindMills by SjoertJansen (Overwrite other mods)

Hot Torch by yuril

Horizon extended sky mesh by --JawZ--

SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor by Queue

SkyRealism - Grass
(expect a performance hit with this mod, although it is the best performing grass density mod out

Face Light (helpful to bring out eye shine and face details)

Realistic Water Two (Get the ENB textures too)

Water Color for ENB and Realistic Water Two

Dramatic Clouds

Immersive Spells

Supreme and Volumetric Fog

Install these in the following order and overwrite when necessary...

The Skyrim Distance Overhaul LOD Improvement

HD Detailed Terrain

HD Enhanced Terrain PRO - Lush Version

Skyfalls and Skymills

AOF HD Tree LODs by AnOldFriend (Overwrite all with this one)

Expand Object LODs (Get the objects and trees LODs)

Skyrim High Definition LODs



Special thanks to the following...

mindflux - for his particle patch files and snow fx file
JawZ - for his ELE spells and torches file
Opethfeldt - for his realistic torch patch file and rain storm fix file
Polo - for his fog tweak file and particle patches
Boris - for creating and maintaining the ENB Series project

And thanks to all my friends on the ENB Series forums and Flickr.