Werelion Transformation by Elfendrago
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                                    WereLion Transformation
                                                     By Elfendrago

Hello everyone it has been a long time since i posted any new spells and i have a Good one here today. I Bring you a Standalone non replacer Transformation power that also allows you to acces the dawnguard perk tree and the Totems of Hircine.  The WereLion Spelltome can be bought from the Peddler located at the Clearspring Tarn  Shrine of Hircine. You will also encounter a wild WereLion as well.

1) this mod adds a standalone Werewolf Transformation  the WereLion(Weresabrecat?)

2) this mod is not compatible if you are already a werewolf . cure your self first then learn the spell otherwise you will be stuck in beast form.

3) there is a new ring with a new spell attached that gives you a second unlimited transformation same with vanilla Ring of Hircine only you dont have to be a werebeast to use it.

4) there is a second effect  attached to the ring of hircine called Pridelords Boon (As long as the ring is equipped a Lion will be summoned to fight for you. this lion is the Pride Lord and he has the ability to summon 2 Lioness' to his aid

5) Not compatible with anything that changes the basic werewolf transformation script such as Brevi's Moonlight tales or TOL. i will be making a patch for Moonlight tales that will add werecat skin to the mix. Werecroc will also be added when that is uploaded.

PerkTree Coming soon for Humanoid Form that gets stronger the more Perks you Put into the Dawnguard Werewolf Perk Tree.

Currently your the only one that can become a wereLion but eventually ill add the ability to turn followers into wereLions.                                                       


Thanks to, 

TheGreylight for helping me with the scriptingand DogTown1 from steam and his MoMonster Mod and its Werecat Meshes and textures