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I'm aware there aren't a lot of options, but I thought to set out and release the updates as I go along. If you have any requests for unenchanted weapons, post a comment or shoot me a message and more than likely I'll be happy to add it to future updates. My goal is to improve this mod and hopefully (with permission) incorporate some other mods over the next few months. In addition, I will be incorporating my own creations of enchantments and potions later on. Hopefully, once completed, you all will enjoy this as much as I did.

Current Version 1.01:

All weapons and armor are temperable.


Unenchanted Drainspell/Drainheart/Drainblood, renamed Ethereal, found in Daedric category.
Unenchanted Ebony Blade, slightly increased damage, found in Ebony category.
Unenchanted Mace of Molag Bal, found in Daedric category.
Unenchanted Mehrunes' Razor, found in Daedric category.


Unenchanted Nightingale Armor Set, found in Daedric category.


Psiijic Set, found in Misc category of tanning rack.
Necromancer Boots, found in Misc category of tanning rack.
Unenchanted Necromancer Robes/Hooded Robes, found in Misc category of tanning rack.
Black Robes/Hooded Robes, found in Misc category of tanning rack.
Unenchanted Archmage's Robes/Boots, found in Misc category of tanning rack.

To Be Released Soon:
1. Unenchanted Shrouded Armor, craftable and temperable.
2. Unenchanted Shrouded Robes, craftable.
3. Unenchanted Mythic Dawn Robes, craftable.
4. Unenchanted Dawnguard Armors, craftable and temperable.
5. Unenchanted Miraak Robes/Armor, craftable and temperable.
6. Unenchanted Amulet of Draining Grip, craftable.
7. Unenchanted Ring of Vampiric Grip, craftable.
8. Unenchanted Robes/Hoods (Novice through Master), craftable.
9. Unenchanted Aetherium Crown/Shield, craftable and temperable.

Always willing to add new things, so feel free to leave comments or send me a message with your ideas.

This is a very simple mod, creatable by anyone with basic understanding of Creation Kit. All it takes is time. That being said, if you are too lazy to create your own unenchanted items to use in your own mod, feel free to use mine, assuming you give credit and post a link here. That being said as well, if you do end up using it, you can't label it as your own work or ask for donations for it. Trust me, I have ways of finding out who was the original creator of it. It would behoove you to message me before using it and let me know that you will be using it. I'm not going to get mad as fuck if you don't, but it would be nice to know. Thanks.