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This is an executable that will upload your load order and ini files to, where it can be easily accessed and read by anyone. The site as well as the script are open source, and no information is stored other than your mods and username.

When Updating readloadorder.exe, DO NOT delete auth.dat

This file contains a unique string that is tied to your username. It is generated randomly, and I don't store it in plaintext. So if you delete it, you will not have access to your username. I can reset it manually for you (by deleting it) but not deleting it is much easier for everyone involved.

How To Use It

The functional part of this app is all contained within readloadorder.exe. Once downloaded and extracted, you can run it just like any other program. If you want to use it with Mod Organizer, it can be added to your list of executables and run from within MO without difficulty. The steps for this are the same as adding SKSE.

After running the script, it will inform you that the script is either up to date or not, and then ask for a username. This username will be how you and others access your load order and other files. The only restrictions are special characters, and that it hasn't been used before. However, try to use common sense. Once you've chosen a username, you will be asked if you use Mod Organizer. If you don't know what this is, you're probably not using it. Type and enter Y for yes, and N for no. If you chose no, the script will ask if you want to use the default directories. Unless you know otherwise, choose yes. Your load order and other files are and the url will be shown. If you use Mod Organizer, you need to find your Mod Organizer install directory, then profiles, your profile, and finally double click your plugins.txt file. This should upload all the relevant files in that directory, and your url will be shown.


The executable is written to fail if the selected plugins.txt cannot be read, but other files (modlist.txt, skyrim.ini, and skyrimprefs.ini) do not need to be read to upload. If you are using Nex Mod Manager, you WILL NOT have a modlist.txt. A message will flash letting you know they were skipped. If the script fails for another reason you can submit a post here on nexusmods or at The Github page, either way I should see it and get back to you as soon as possible. I'm also on reddit every 5 minutes or so, and will respond to messages there pretty quickly.

If you get "Error 2", your file path may have been correctly generated but your mods weren't uploaded. In some cases you can simply run the script again and it will upload correctly.

If you used the original python script, make sure you run the new script in the same directory as your old auth.dat file. A password is generated if that file is not found by the script, and if you don't have the password your username is locked until I reset it for you. If you need your account reset just let me know and I'll work with you.

If all of this fails and you're left in the fetal position on the floor, crying over your broken game, feel free to send an email with as much detail about your trouble to, and I'll do my best to get back to you and get it fixed up! Only the uploader though. If you email me to ask for help with your load order I'll send you pictures of dogs that have no idea what they're doing.


The Github page for both the site and the script
My load order on the site