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Skyrim Special Edition notes:

I've got several requests to port my mods to SSE and consoles. 
I have to say that I don't own SSE, I don't own any current-gen console, so none of my mods will be ever ported to SSE by me or someone else.



This mod was created in attempt to bring more life and emotions to your gameplay as a Khajiit and to Khajiit NPCs. 

Mod package includes new high res textures for both male and female Khajiits, improved tintmasks and optional new chargen morphs with reworked facial animations as well. 

Terms of use:

  • Use this mod as you want, but always put credits in your work. 
    • You are not allowed to use morphs of this mod in other games, though you must seek for the permission for textures first if you want to use them in other games as the resource.

    • You are not allowed to share this mod and its modified assets anywhere but Nexus. If you want to share this mod outside Nexus (tumblr, tes-sites, etc), ask me first.

        If you have a question regarding permission, feel free to ask.
  • ================================================
    Known issues:

    - Seams with some body types. It is recommended you  use default bodies with better feet or UNP-family bodies like unp, unpb, sevenbase, unpc, unpcm.
    - Vanilla female hands use male hands normal map, it is fixed in the plugin with new morphs which is available in the Main files as a separate download.
    - Plantigrade feet is not and will not be supported. Please don't ask. However, patches are welcome, just don't forget to ask my permission before sharing it.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Khajiit females/males have seams on their hands/feet.
    A: Read "Known issues" section.

    Q: The game freezes after exiting showracemenu.
    A: Try to re-enter your character's name.

    Q: Do new morphs affect vampires?
    A: I didn't change the vampire's morph.

    Q: Is "Female Facial Animation mod" compatible with this mod?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I use your morphs with RaceMenu/ECE?
    A: Yes, you can.

    Q: There is no texture on males' genitalia! There is fur on females' genitalia!
    A: I do not want to draw such things. Please refrain from asking me to add these changes.

    Q: Can you make a patch for Coverkhajiits' facial textures?
    A: Nope, not interested. Feel free to make your own, but don't forget to ask my permission first.

    Q: Why don't you make patch for other body/feet/hands/etc.?
    A: I do not use it, so I do not need it. Feel free to make your own, but don't forget to ask my permission first.

    Recommended mods:

    I highly recommend you to try out following mods for more diversity:

    Khajiit Lion et Lioness

    Catlike Khajiit

    Warning: I didn't test them myself for compability with my morphs.


    Just use NMM

    There are additional files in Miscellaneous section for those who prefer manual installation. The packages contain textures in different resolution and morphs too.

    Maual installation:

    Extract archives into your Skyrim folder.

    Manual Uninstallation:

    If you have installed only new textures:

    Delete the folders named "Khajiitmale" and "Khajiitfemale" located in "Skyrim\data\textures\actors\character".
    Delete files named as "Khajit-blah-blah-blah" from "Skyrim\data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks".

    If you have installed also new morphs:

    Delete the folders named "Khajiitmale" and "Khajiitfemale" located in "Skyrim\data\textures\actors\character".
    Delete files named as "Khajit-blah-blah-blah" from "Skyrim\data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks".
    Delete "SC_KhajiitMorphs.esp" from your data folder; remove SC folder from your game's Textures and Meshes folders.

    Thanks to/Credits:

    I want to thank following people:
    - "Grandpa" Urshi and Mymajestymv for their friendship, endless help and advices; thanks to Urshi's new methods of texture creation.
    - Redtox for encouraging me.
    - NRJ59 for almost two years of listening my cries, infinite patience.
    - Khajiitas for his help, advices and screenshots.
    - Anton0028 for his animation tools.
    - Bethesda for Elder Scrolls series.