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Hello and thank you for viewing this mod!
Improved Bards is a replacer mod for the performing bards around Skyrim.



***A single esp is now available!***


She is the new redguard bard available for Riften.

PLEASE NOTE: Mikael and Sven may have a small neck gap due to their weight being changed. If you notice one, please do the following:

open the console
click on Mikael or Sven
type 'setnpcweight=50' (for Sven) and/or 'setnpcweight=40' (for Mikael)
then type 'disable'
followed by 'enable'


It is completely standalone, meaning no other mods are required to run it. You can use it with whatever appearance mods you have, it should not have an impact on the way they look. Additionally, the characters changed with this mod are only the singers/performers in the inns and Talsgar, the wandering bard. I have no plans to change the College bards at this time.

Files will include:

-Vanilla female bards
-Vanilla male bards
-Hearthfire bards
-(Possibly) An added bard for Riften


Bards far

Karita, located in the Windpeak Inn.
Lisette, located in The Winking Skeever.
Luaffyn, located in Candlehearth Hall.
Lynly, located in Vilemyr Inn.
Delacourt, located in Dead Man's Drink.
Mikael, located in The Bannered Mare.
Ogmund, located in the Silver-Blood Inn.
Sven, located in the Sleeping Giant Inn.
Talsgar, located around Skyrim.
Llewellyn, for Lakeview Manor.
Sonir, for Windstad Manor.
Oriella, for Heljarchen Hall.
Thora, located in the Bee and Barb Inn.



Download with your mod manager of choice and activate.

If manually installing, just download and place the files in your data folder.

If you are using Ethereal Elven Overhaul, the files that include Luaffyn need to be placed below it in your loading order!

Otherwise, let LOOT or whichever sorting application you have sort them.


Credits and Permissions

This mod was made with the following resources which were either free-to-use or permission was granted for use.

Race Menu by expired6978
SG Female Textures Renewal by hellosanta
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition by Caliente
Dimonized UNP by dimon99
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
True Eyes and True Brows by jimtownirish
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
ApachiiSkyHair Female by apachii
Lovely Hairstyles by zn00p
Fine Face Textures by urshi
Better Males by Chris57
Beards by lthot
Vanilla Hair Variety Plus by Omega99jp
DCE - Realistic Male Face by Drumber
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

The screenshots were taken using the Realistic and Fantasy versions of Aeon ENB by LucidAPs and Organic ENB


Enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback and endorse!