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Last updated at 20:20, 22 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 22:43, 1 Aug 2014

Thanks for checking out my mod! :D

Nightshade Lodge is something I've always wanted in my modded Skyrim: a modestly sized and lore-friendly home with room for my favorite followers. 

I'm not going to write a massive description about it, I'll just list the features it includes.

-smithing, cooking, alchemy, and enchanting stations with proper storage.
-named storage (ex. Drinks, Sweets, Armor, Ranged Weapons, Forged Items, etc.)
-mead and food barrels with the best Tamriel has to offer (<this is my favorite feature)
-beds for 6 followers, and a double bed for the player and their significant other
-Nightingale theme 
-a small collection of books you should read
-nice location with a mountain backdrop, relatively near Lake Illinalta

I highly recommend using this mod. It will allow the followers to actually go upstairs and downstairs. That goes for any player home with multiple floors.
Multiple Floors Sandboxing

2.0 - large addition!
-adds The Sanctuary, a Nightingale hub below the Lodge. This is really meant for late-game thieves who have completed the Guild quest-line. Complete with mannequins, weapon plaques, and a teleport network to a handful of frequented locations.

- using TESVEdit, I was able to remove a lot of the navmeshes I accidentally finalized during the creation process. "Finalize all cell navmeshes" and "Finalize cell navmeshes" are two different buttons. But finalizing vanilla meshes wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't for Hearthfire changing Breezehome and other locations' vanilla navmesh >_>  Either way it's fixed now! :D

-various tweaks, primarily fixes issue where followers do not come back from balcony.
-renamed "melee weapons" storage to "melee weapons and shields"
-minor fixes in small spots, that's why this is a 1.11 instead of a 1.2.

-added a table with seats for 8. Food on the plates will spaz sometimes. I've tried correcting it but blame Havok. 
-added an outside balcony from the second floor. Seating for three with two bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy :3
-added a few planters inside the house with small batches of Nightshade :3
-re positioned alchemy and enchanting storages to avoid activating the tables when you just want to put some things away.
-added a light to the nocturnal statue in the player bedroom (note it is a statue, the shrine for stat bonus is the larger one in the main room)
-touched up a few minor things around the exterior

-The file will be called "Traveller's Lodge" in your Load Order. Just go with it.
-I personally recommend using RLO as it provides the best interior lighting experience. (what is used in the screens)
-I've been notified that my home spawns right on top of a poor unicorn from another mod. Nightshade Lodge conflicts with Unicorn
-There is no readme. This is it.

Huge thanks to Thyworm Skyrim for an awesome video feature!

I hope you enjoy the mod and may it serve you and your companions well!