Dynamic Giant Campfires by Snufkin
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Giant campfires fit very appropriately into their surroundings, except for the fact that they burn all day, even in temperate areas. Firewood is a valuable resource and the giants think it would be wasteful to keep them burning while the weather is warm.

The fire will be lit at night, and during any passing snowstorm.

The mod should be stable and solid, but has not been tested in a lengthy playthough. You are participating to prolonged public beta testing. ;)  You should NOT experience save bloat or script lag! Please report how the mod worked after running it for a good while. If you experience anomalies, or have any suggestions, you may post to the discussion thread.

Campfires that ignite and extinguish dynamically

    * Bleakwind Basin
    * Blizzard Rest
    * Broken Limb Camp
    * Cradlecrush Rock
    * Guldun Rock
    * Secunda's Kiss
    * Sleeping Tree Camp
    * Steamcrag Camp
    * Stonehill Bluff
    * Talking Stone Camp

All of the above have unique on / off hours. Red Road Pass and Tumble Arch Pass are the two giant fires that do not go off, ever. They are located in snowy, cold areas and provide the much needed warmth throughout the day.

Only SKSE is required.


Some campfires still have a stray light source remaining when not burning. There are also two campfires that are extinguished by default, which don't have an extra active light source when they are ignited. Some lighting mods such as ELFX or RLO might conflict.