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Last updated at 9:23, 26 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 13:08, 1 Aug 2014

  • Skyrim version 1.9 +
  • VRAM 1GB +

- If you have introduced the ENB and high-resolution textures, I recommend the introduction of SSME or SKSE ver 1.7+.

SKSE.ini Description example
DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB = 768
ScrapHeapSizeMB = 256

- Installation Recommends the use of NMM or MOD Organizer.

- Please delete at MOD management tool that was used in the installation.

---- Please try the file search of WINDOWS if you want to confirm the deletion. -----

- This MOD adds a Followers.
- There is no need to add a file in order to operate this MOD.
- Body type of followers is UNPB.

If you want the other body types, Please overwritten with the meshes and texture of the body you want.
This MOD is to changed the value of each followers skeleton files. Skeleton files Please do not change!!

File storage location
Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets\MBWSFOllowersII\MBWS....


Common Conditions
  • Marriage is possible.
  • Level up of followers is synchronized with the player. Level upper limit is 100.
  • These girls do not die.
  • Staff can not be used.
  • There is no increase in Majicka. Therefore, use of Magic is not as good.

In the morning. She to teach Whiterun guards, will head to the Great Porch of Dragonsreach. She might be relaxing ouside garden of Jorrvaskr when it comes in the afternoon. Whenit come to the night, She will head to The Bannered Mare to heal fatigue of the day.

In the morning, she will head to Whiterun Market in order to enjoy the shopping. Afternoon, She is relaxing in Jorrvaskr.
In the evening, she would be to take a rest in the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters.

She 8:00 to 20:00, has a blacksmith with uncle of Eorlund Gray-Mane in Skyforge. When it comes to 20:00, she will go home. (House Gray-Mane)

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Thank you.


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Specital Thanks
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