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1- Description
2- Requirements
3- Compatibilities
4- Recent Updates
5- Installation
6- FAQ
7- Uninstallation
8- Credits & Permissions


When a journal begins a journey that should have remained buried. And an experiment gets conducted that should never have been discovered, can the Dragonborn put an end to everything before it is too late?

With this mod you become the Wolverine, you get all of his powers at your disposal to save people or wreck havoc upon the world. The choice is yours:

1- Healing Factor: An increased heal rate that heals you in combat.
2- Stamina Factor: An increased stamina regeneration rate.
3- Bone Claws and Adamantium Claws: Fully animated claws which can be drawn or sheathed.
4- Unarmed Damage: Your unarmed damage is highly increased depending on the type of gauntlets you are wearing.
5- Explosive Fury: Unleash your rage on unsuspecting people and become invincible for a short period of time.
6- Meditate: Meditate to unlock new and custom powers to unlock the secrets of your X-Gene. (Powers Coming Soon)
7- Damage Negation: Up to 25% of incoming damage is negated.
You won't require weapons anymore and with all these powers at your disposal you become the ultimate warrior, striking fear in your enemies hearts.

- Two new dungeons to explore.

- One new lab to craft Adamantium weapons.

- One custom scripted forge system.

- One Fully Voiced Quest Line to get your Bone Claws or Adamantium Claws depending on which ones you want.

***The quest will begin once the player reads the Dwemer Journal located inside the Dwemer Museum.


Required: Skyrim
Required: SKSE 1.7.0+
Required: SkyUI 4.1+


Loot and Degradation by isoku: Compatible

--Recent Updates--

Adamantium Version BETA3
- Story Bug Fixes
- Story Hints Added


You can use a mod manager to install the mod, or you can just drop the ESP and BSA into the Skyrim Data folder.


Q: How do I begin the quest line?
A: To begin the quest just go to the Dwemer Museum and read the book Dwemer Journal; the quest will begin.

Q: Is this a weapon or armor?
A: It is a magic effect and it calls upon a custom weapon. The weapon is to allow level up and sounds ONLY, the claws are a magic effect.

Q: I have the claws equipped how do I use them?
A: To activate the claws just raise your fists without any weapon in hand, to have them retract just lower your fists.

Q: I want to un-equip the claws. How can I do this?
A: As of now there is no way of un-equipping the claws as its a magic effect and not an item that is equippable or unequippable, the only way to have the claws not show up is to change the global Adamantium_ClawsChoice to 0 by CMD.

Q: When I brawl with an NPC, afterwards the claws are invisible. How do I fix this?
A: To fix this just equip a weapon or spell go in game, unsheathe the weapon/spell and sheath it. Then un-equip it and the claws will be visible again.

Q: The quest "The Bonding Process" has started but when I click on Argent Stryker he doesn't speak...Help!
A: From time to time some people are experiencing this issue, I don't know what causes it at the moment but there is a workaround. Leave D.W.A.R.F. and go back inside. Return to Argent Stryker and speak with him, the dialogue option will work.

Q: There is no Quest Marker in Quest X on the Objective X. Help?
A: This is intentionally done as I want the player to think or find something on his own or with clues found in the world. And no I won't simplify a quest by adding Quest Markers unless I feel that a quest is being unfair to the player.


Enter the General tab in the MCM Menu, next click the option 'Prepare to Uninstall' and accept. Next just make sure you don't have any custom weapons or armor from this mod on your character and followers; once checked just uninstall the mod like you normally would (either by Mod Manager or deleting the ESP and BSA).

--Credits & Permissions---

Read the permission section on this mod page or the readme file on this page as well or handed out with the files themselves to see all the permissions I received for all the assets used that aren't mine and all the credits given out to those authors that allowed me to use their assets inside my mod.