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1- Description
2- Requirements
3- Compatibilities
4- Mod Featured
5- Recent Updates
6- Crafting
7- Installation
8- FAQ
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10- Credits & Permissions


When a journal begins a journey that should have remained buried. And an experiment gets conducted that should never have been discovered, can the Dragonborn put an end to everything before it is too late?

With this mod you become the Wolverine, you get all of his powers at your disposal to save people or wreck havoc upon the world. The choice is yours:

1- Healing Factor: An increased heal rate that heals you in combat.
2- Stamina Factor: An increased stamina regeneration rate.
3- Bone Claws and Adamantium Claws: Fully animated claws which can be drawn or sheathed.
4- Unarmed Damage: Your unarmed damage is highly increased depending on the type of gauntlets you are wearing.
5- Explosive Fury: Unleash your rage on unsuspecting people and become invincible for a short period of time.
6- Meditate: Meditate to unlock new and custom powers to unlock the secrets of your X-Gene. (Powers Coming Soon)
7- Damage Negation: Up to 25% of incoming damage is negated.
You won't require weapons anymore and with all these powers at your disposal you become the ultimate warrior, striking fear in your enemies hearts.

- Two new dungeons to explore.

- One new lab to craft Adamantium weapons.

- One custom scripted forge system.

- One Fully Voiced Quest Line to get your Bone Claws or Adamantium Claws depending on which ones you want.

***The quest will begin once the player reads the Survivor's Journal inside the Dwemer Museum. This is in effect after update before then the quest is activated on change location if you are above level 15.

The claws for the player uses Armor Slot 60.


Required: Skyrim
Required: SKSE 1.7.0+
Required: SkyUI 4.1+


Animations by Genebriss: Incompatible
*This mod adds animations to the player that conflicts with some animations I use for my mod, the mod isn't completely incompatible though; if you use both mods then you should disable the drinking animation and the armor change animation.*

Loot and Degradation by isoku: Compatible
*From v0.40+ I am supporting this mod, the claws do not degrade over time; however every other piece of equipment from this mod will degrade.*

--Mod Featured--

Thank you (Make It Young) for the feature; Mod gets featured at 4:56.

Check out his channel at:

--Recent Updates--

Adamantium Version 0.41

- Claws Mechanics Altered
- Diplomatic Immunity Start Bug Fixed
- MCM and SKSE Support Added
- Visual Bug Fixes

Adamantium Version 0.40

- Loot and Degradation Support Added

Adamantium Version 0.39

- Bone Claws get added
- Decision to keep Bone Claws gets added to X-Gene quest
- X-Gene quest renamed The Bonding Process
- Story gets overhauled
- Americas Layout added to the Mod
- Dialogue gets overhauled
- Victor Fox added
- Andre Arkon added
- Dummies gives XP when hit
- Chain Reaction hair added
- Sanctum of the Fallen added
- Abandoned Basement added
- Fenrir Sanctuary added
- Overhauled worth of some objects added by the mod
- Bug Fixes

***This is the complete release of Phase 1, there will still be some bugs (minor ones) which I will fix as I find them. Now I will turn my complete attentions to building the world of the Americas, figuring out where each city will be placed and so on. I am figuring out how I will have the player travel from one continent to the next.***

Adamantium Version 0.14

- Adamantium Claws get one final revamp: they now protect as if they were a full set of daedric armor with shield (just a little more powerful in protection)
- Adamantium Claws renamed to Adamantium Exoskeleton
- Some Additions made to Fenrir Sanctuary (Continuing its Construction)
- Adamantium Gold Textures removed (and what was gold will become silver now)
- Rekkr Island land shape re-formed
- Fixed Fury Explosion Equip to Hand Bug and changed name from Fury Explosion to Explosive Fury
- Made Explosive Fury a toggle power, to remove its effect either wait for the time to expire or activate the power a second time for it to dispel
- Made Adamantium Exoskeleton for followers. Gives the ability to create an army of wolverine followers for the player to utilize if he so desires. Create the follower Adamantium Exoskeleton at D.W.A.R.F.
- Completed the Meditate Power

***With this update Adamantium is officially out of Beta***

Adamantium Version 0.12

- Fixed Bug: Claw Damage Occurs When Claws Aren't Out
- Claws Now Use One-Handed Skill
- Basic Layout For Fenrir Sanctuary Completed (Future Player Home)
- Clothes Changed For Argent Stryker To Fit Into The Americas Lore
- An Outfit and 1 Pair of Shoes Added To The Game For The Player To Wear Once He Finds It
- Adamantium Potion Animations Added and Name Changed to Adamantium Concoction

Adamantium Version 0.11

- Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed Bar Scene and Quest Beginning Bug
- Balanced Adamantium Razor
- Re-Balanced Adamantium Claws and Abilities
- Claw Sounds Added

***This update is released to fix bugs as well as to balance the weapons added to the game by the mod, the Adamantium Razor is finally balanced and not Over Powered. The claws got a re-balance, you are still pretty-much indestructible but you see the damage being done to you and there is a possibility of death now if the NPC's are persistent enough to attack and not stop. Also the re-balance was done to aid in the quests and world I am designing for this mod. There maybe people out their who are just like the player and the re-balance would mean that they can be killed and won't be indestructible (this is all hypothetical of course ;)***

Adamantium Version 0.09

- Fixed a visual bug that made the Storm Atronach clip through his cage if you wait 1 hour
- Added "Meditate" spell (Spell Needs To Be Consoled For Now)
- Adamantium Alchemy Book Template Created. (Doesn't trigger Next Story Arc Yet, Story Arc In Development)
- Rekkr Island Skeleton Added to Game.

***This update is a skeletal prep update. It adds in a mechanic for "crafting" new powers for your Adamantium warrior through meditation (Powers Not Yet Available), a new world called: The Americas which is being built from the ground up (Rekkr Island is going to serve as the customs check point to enter The Americas). And the book will serve as a quest starter for the second story arc which will be added to the world once the story is ready. Like I said in the beginning this is a skeletal update which sets up the framework on what is to come.***

Adamantium Version 0.08

- Fixed some visual bugs
- Adamantium Mine added to D.W.A.R.F.
- Adamantium Razor added to Game.
- Adamantium Ore Veins added to Game.
- D.W.A.R.F. cluttered and lit.
- Portal to Exit Adamantium Mine added.
- Created the Complete Adamantium Crafting System inside D.W.A.R.F.
     1- Adamantium Smelter
     2- Adamantium Forge
     3- Adamantium Lab
     4- Adamantium Workbench

Adamantium Version 0.05

- Added dialogue to Argent Stryker
- Fixed Argent Stryker's dialogue which popped up for multiple NPC's
- Fixed captions that didn't match to dialogue
- Re-Positioned the enemies of MetalSpring Cave
- Changed Warrior's Pass to Warrior's Grotto
- Added Adamantium Forge and Adamantium Lab to D.W.A.R.F.

***At the moment the forge system isn't built. I designed the basic layout but I now need to build the forging system. It will work similarly to the one in Skyrim already, however there will be extra steps involved in making the Adamantium weapons.***


To make Adamantium weapons in the wolverine comics as well as in the movies is a tedious process. I tried to reflect that in the construction of the Adamantium weapons that the player will build.

1- Adamantium Smelter: the first step to building your Adamantium weapon is to mine the ore out of Adamantium Mine and to bring it to the smelter located inside D.W.A.R.F. to make the ingots needed to proceed.

2- Adamantium Forge: the second step to building the weapon is to take it to the forge and to craft the mold with all the required materials specified.

3- Adamantium Lab: the next step is to cool the mold down to make it "indestructible". At the lab you can craft the weapon from the weapon mold and cooling agent. The cooling agent can be crafted at this workstation.

4- Adamantium Workbench: this step is the upgrading of the weapon. Bring all required materials to this station to get your upgraded version of your weapon. Your Adamantium weapon becomes a Virbranium weapon at this station. The logic behind this decision is that both metals come from the same family, also Virbranium was never specified how it was created. Wolverine's claws cannot cut through Virbranium so it is the stronger version of the metal. Because weapons are tempered in Skyrim and made stronger I decided that the Adamantium is upgraded into Virbranium when you temper your Adamantium weapon.

***The reason Adamantium weapons can only be crafted inside D.W.A.R.F. is because Adamantium is their metal and only the Dwemer had the technology to shape the Adamantium into a weapon. The workstations have been designed to look more like Dwemer technology to fit this metal into a semi-lore friendly zone.***


You can use a mod manager to install the mod, or you can just manually install the files as it will be in esp and bsa format.


Q: How do I begin the quest line?
A: I have had issues with the quest not beginning while using Story Manager for some people and I got fed up with this issue. I changed everything around, to begin the quest just go to the Dwemer Museum and read the book Survivor's Journal; the quest will begin.

Q: Is this a weapon or armor?
A: It is classified as armor and it uses slot 60.

Q: I have the claws equipped how do I use them?
A: As of v0.41 onwards I have found out a way to revert the claws back to how they originally worked and still keep the sounds added later on. To activate the claws just raise your fists without any weapon in hand, to have them retract just lower your fists.

Q: I want to un-equip the claws. How can I do this?
A: As of v0.41 onwards you don't require any additional files to do this, go into the MCM menu of the mod and click on the DevTools option; the first option is Equippable claws.

Q: When I brawl with an NPC, afterwards the claws are invisible. How do I fix this?
A: To fix this just equip a weapon or spell go in game, unsheathe the weapon/spell and sheath it. Then un-equip it and the claws will be visible again.

Q: I have the claws, the stats and sounds are there but they don't come out. Help!
A: The claws are animation and script heavy; the more your game is animation/script heavy the longer they will take to come out. To remedy this situation place the mod higher in your load order, preferably right under Bethesda's official files. In other words it should be the first custom content mod in your load order.

Q: The quest "The Bonding Process" has started but when I click on Argent Stryker he doesn't speak...Help!
A: From time to time some people are experiencing this issue, I don't know what causes it at the moment but there is a workaround. Leave D.W.A.R.F. and go back inside. Return to Argent Stryker and speak with him, the dialogue option will work.

Q: There is no Quest marker on the last objective of the quest "Dwemer Experimentation", Help!
A: This is intentionally done, I wanted the player to think and figure stuff out of his/her own. Just have a look around the floor plan; there will be a way out.

Q: There is no Quest Marker on the objective "Track Down Victor" in the quest "Hunter Becomes Hunted", Help!
A: Again this is completely intentional, I wanted the player to feel like a detective at this part. Close to the note where the objective changes there is a clue to where Victor is held up, find it and think; it isn't that difficult to figure out.

Q: Only Chain Reaction Hairstyle is available in the Character Creation, help?
A: This is normal as this is the only hairstyle available to the player. The reason for this is I need that hairstyle for a stranded quest that I am designing as part of The Americas. The hair pack is used for the NPC's of Americas to differentiate them from Skyrim NPC's. If you want to use the hairstyles on the player then I recommend downloading Kaliles mod yourself: KS Hairdos - 265; as I won't be making any other hairstyle available to the player in this mod.


To uninstall the mod follow the directions inside the MCM menu in the uninstall tab, first you will remove the chain reaction hair from your character (if you used it, if not just skip this step), next you will click disable (this will remove any items and spells from the player that the mod added), finally just uninstall the mod like you normally would (if you installed with the mod manager then just do as you normally would to uninstall the mod and if you installed it manually just delete the esp and bsa and everything should be removed from your game.)

--Credits & Permissions---

Read the permission section on this mod page or the readme file on this page as well or handed out with the files themselves to see all the permissions I received for all the assets used that aren't mine and all the credits given out to those authors that allowed me to use their assets inside my mod.