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Hi all,
Here's a little mod I'm creating.
Hearth Fires Mobile Planters Ring 1f.

Equipping the ring drops a single plot of soil at your feet ready for planting what you like.
Basically it lets you drop up to 256 plots of soil where you like.

My mod doesn't do any of the growing side of things, the native hearth fires planter scripts do the work of that.
So it keeps compatability with mods that add to the hearth fires planters.
eg: "More plants all DLCs with extras" mod (nice mod that expands on what can be planted in the hearth fires planters).

Hearth Fires DLC

HF_MobilePlanters_FFM_BSA_1f.7z (new version):
Free Float Move (FFM) version for moving dropped planter soil.
Free Floating Movement of your planter soil makes it so you don't have to go through the slow and tedious barrage of menus adjusting an increment at a time for every direction.
You can use your movement keys to move the planter soil in real time.

Free Float Move keys (Keys Can be viewed in MCM menu)
Run = Toggle Move Speed when moving the planter soil (50, 100, 150)
The default Speed when entering FFM mode the first time is 50 (slowest), the last used speed is used on the next use of FFM.
Move Direction = Moves the planter soil in the direction related to where you are facing.
Middle Mouse Button = Move planter to player feet and resets scale/tilt/rotation.
Left Attack/Block + Back/Forward = Lower or Raise the planter soil Down or Up
Left Attack/Block + Strafe Left or Right = Rotate planter Left or Right
Left Attack/Block + Middle Mouse Button = Reset height and rotation
Right Attack/Block + Move Direction = Tilt in direction
Right Attack/Block + Middle Mouse Button = Reset Tilt to 0
Sprint = (Optional) Modifier Key, if enabled you will need to Hold Sprint while equipping your mobile planters ring.
Sneak + Move Direction = Move without the planter soil moving (handy to get a better viewing angle/distance for moving or tilting)
Mouse Wheel Scroll Up/Down = Scale the planter soil bigger/smaller.
Draw Weapon = Set the current scale Global. (Any planters dropped will use the global scale)
Delete = Remove planter.
Activate = Exit FFM mode

MCM Menu
Enable FFM On Drop Planter (Default Enabled):
Enabled goes in to FFM mode after dropping planter, Disabled do nothing after Planter dropped.

Enable Sprint Modifier Key (Default Disabled):
Enabled makes it so you need to hold Sprint key while equipping your mobile planters ring.
This is for those that have conflicting keys.

Global Planter Scale (Default 1.0):
Set Global scale of planters  0.01 To 2.00
This only effects planters that you drop from here on, not your already dropped planters.

Harvest All:
Will harvest all your dropped planters if they have anything to harvest.

Remove All:
Removes all your dropped planters.
Planters that have a seed planted or a grown plant, then your seed/plant will be auto returned/harvested before the planter soil is removed.
Use Remove All before removing the mod or if you want to reset all planters ready to be dropped again.

Update Note:
If updating from prior version then I'd advise to first remove all planters with the old version.
Uninstall old version and do a save without the old version before installing new version.
Install new version and play on.
Reason I say this is some Global Variables have changed, Messages have changed and various internal minor code changes.
Even though it should work without removing the old version first, it's best you know that it may or may not cause issues.

To install:
Extract HF_MobilePlanters_FFM_BSA_1f.7z to your Skyrim\Data directory, yes to overwrite if prompted. 
Use the Skyrim Launcher to enable the HF_MobilePlanters.esp.
Launch your game via skse_loader.exe.

Tips for eaze and rapid use:
After making the ring at a forge with 1x Gold Ingot + 1x Charcoal, add the ring to your Fav menu.
Open your Fav menu and assign the ring to a hotkey.

Hit your equip ring hotkey to drop a planter soil directly in front of you at your feet.

To access the Free Float Move (FFM) for a planter soil that you drop, hit your equip ring hotkey when you see the Activate Soil prompt.

You can acces General Options anytime in the MCM menu under Mobile Planters Ring.

When on hills you are better off facing down hill or side on to the hill when dropping planters.
Standing facing up hill while dropping planters will leave your soil buried in the hill and make it hard or impossible to get hold of the soil to move!

When removing planters that have a seed planted or a grown plant, then your seed/plant will be auto returned/harvested before the planter soil is removed

Changes 1f
Replaced F1 Menu with MCM Menu.
Replaced Debug.Notification() with Message.Show()
Other minor internal code changes.

Changes 1e
Upped planters from 128 to 256 can be dropped.

Added a Harvest All to the F1 menu.
This will harvest all your dropped planters if they have anything to harvest.

Added Remove All option to the F1 menu.
This will remove all the planters you've dropped.

Changes 1d
When dropping a planter you go straight in to FFM mode.
(This option can be turned off once your in FFM mode by pressing F1 and selecting the option)

Added options to have a Sprint modifier key when equipping MP Ring
If modifier key isn't pressed when equipping, then ignore MP Ring hotkey.
This can be for those that are using Jaxons Mover and have conflicting keys.

Added Global Scale soil option.
This will speed up dropping soil of a certain size, default is Scale 1.0.
Draw Weapon Key while in FFM mode, will use the selected planter scale as a a Global scale.
Any planters dropped after that will use this scale.
Your can reset the scale to 1.0 via the Settings menu (accessed via F1 when in FFM mode)

Changed the way you access FFM on an already dropped soil to make it easier to access.
Now when you target the soil and the Activate soil prompt is shown, hit your (optional modifier key) equip MP Ring hotkey.

Added Green FX shader when you have soil selected for moving.

Changed the way soil is moved, makes it more fluid/smoother when moving soil.