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-Working with Outfit 2.0/2.4.

-First patch for crushed boobs problems.
(Skeleton 2.06 implanted in all new bodyslides)

-BELLY support added.

-Some CBBE base modified.

- New shapes for armors:
(for less clippings)

List of new armors pack modified:

arcadia (xTerabluestar)
Ascendant (Highelfh21)
Atroscine (xTeragolden)
chaos (bloodplate H17)
Ciebel Guard (highelf_f_h10)
Deathshell (xTeraskull)
eternal centurion (CastanicH27)
Keener (zzCastanicH00)
liberator (HumanH09)
Orphic (highelf_f_h15)
palrada (ZZHumanH12)
rubicite (castanic_f_h11)
Scion Plate (highelf_f_h17)
Sententia (zzterah20)
Sinestral (highelf_f_h16)
Steelgaze (castanich06)
Tenebrescent (castanich19)
Trielek (highelf_f_h18)
Ulciscor (CastanicH14)
Val Tirkai (zzterah21)
Velkas (HighElfH02)
Viridinium (zTeraviridinium)
Xenocite (zTeraxenocite)


Blade Dancer (castanicl01)
Castanic Hunter (castanic_f_h02)
Crisping (ZZCastanicL00)
Dawnturn (zzHighElfL01)
deathskin (castanicl18)
Elleon (Kubel)
Elseworlder (Highelfl21)
Eternal Warden  (HighElfL27)
Gildhorn (Highelfl19)
Heartsworn (myrmidon Human_f_l04)
Rysio (Teratight)
Shadow Fang (Yamikiba)
Sylward elenium (zzteral19)
voidmeld (xTeraassassin)


UPDATE 1.01:

*File with only HDT Boots for Download added.
*Update by "ttpt":
-Boots should be fixed.


Hi everybody.
Sry for my english it's not my natal language.
But i'm happy to share with you this mod.

First at all, it's a team project, and i want to thanks
"ralfetas" and "ttpt" for their help on Armors and Boots.
Thanks guys, i really appreciate that.

This mod contain all bodyslides for 64 armors and robes from TERA.
All armors can be NOBBP or TBBP.
All gloves have bodyslide support.
All boots have the HDT High Heels system support and bodyslide support.
*You can find conflict with some mods for the HDT High Heels System.
Look "*WHAT'S APEN WITH MY BOOTS?" (end on this page)

This mod is really easy to install, just use Nexus Mod Manager.

You can build everything easily, just use the slider group.
You have a slider group for boots and gloves, armors and robes NOBBP or TBBP.

This the list of robe and armors:
For more explanations go here:

HAUBERK (Heavy Armors)

Keener Iron (Iron)
Velkas (Iron Banded)
Liberator (Imperial)
Steelgaze (Steel)
Ciebel Guard (Steel)
Orphic (Dwarven)
Arcadia (Dwarven)
Scion Plate (Steel Plate))
Palrada Plate (Steelplate)
Rubicite (Orcish)
Sinestral (Orcish)
Ulcissor (Orcish)
Xenocite (Ebony)
Tenebrescent (Ebony)
Trielek (Ebony)
Atroscine (Dragonplate)
Sententia (Dragonplate)
Ascendant (Dragonplate)
Deathshell (Daedric)
Chaos Bloodplate (Daedric)
Viridinium (Daedric)
Val Tirkai (Daedric)
Eternal Centurion (Ultimate)

CUIRASS (Light Armors)

Crisping (Hide)
Dawnturn (Hide)
Karassia (Hide)
Brigandine (Hide)
Viator (Studded))
Blade Dancer (Studded)
Heartsworn (Leather)
Zalisleather (Leather)
Castanic Hunter (Leather)
Sea Rover (Leather)
Gunslinger (Leather)
Cromos (Elven)
Moonbuckled (Elven)
Elven Scaled (Elven)
Jalmarak (Elven)
Gildhorn (Elven)
Rysio (Elven Gilded)
Sylward (Scaled)
Voidmeld (Scaled)
Quantum (Glass)
Cyasmic (Glass)
Deathskin (Glass)
Kshara (Glass)
Shadow Fang (Glass)
Elleon (Glass)
Dreamswept (Dragonscale)
Elseworlder (Dragonscale)
Eternal Warden (Ultimate)

ROBES (Mage Robes - found in MISC)

Cerulean Alchemist
Ebon Shroud
Eternal Magus

You need to install that before:

Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-

2. Bodyslide 2.0
BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio

3. BodySlide Outfits and Mods
BodySlide Outfits and Mods

4. XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS
XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS
*For better results use *"XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended "(google it!)

5.HDT Physics Extensions
HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT
5a. HDT Breast And Butt Physics
HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported by threedeedevi

6.TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female
TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female by asianboy345

7.HDT HighHeels System
HDT HighHeels System by hydrogensayshdt

*If you don't have these mods, that can't working, don't forget.

I thanks Caliente for her amazing work on Bodyslide.
I thanks Rafeltas ans ttpt for their help.
I thanks asianboy345 , for her great work and her autorisation for this mod.


Sometime you can have conflict with others mod, like squeleton modified by exemple.
But it's not a problem, it's easy to patch that.
Like the picture:

First open your MCM menu, and go to HDT High Heels System.
(You must always have the boots on your char)
Go in option, and choice what high modification you want:
I think "8" is a good heigh, but that can be variable with others boots.

Patched! :)