The Lost Knight Trials by Lagrie
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- Lost Knight Armor
- Lost Knight Boots
- Lost Knight Gloves
- lost Knight Helmet
- Long Lost Shield

- Long Lost Sword of Lagrie 1h

- 4 keys used for the doors

- Hagraven npcs
- Guardian troll npc
- Spriggan npc
- The Spriggan Npc
- Skelleton Destroyers Npc

- The long lost knight Lagrie Npc

- The four Trials location
- Go to the location and survive the four trials. Kill lagrie and get his items
- WARNING these trials are extremly hard !
- each trial has monsters and chests, kill the monsters and loot them for a key that will open a door.
- Male and female mesh are the same.
- This was a personal armor for a verry long time.
Small backstory.

- lagrie was ones a guard of windhelm. One day when he was on patrol with his fellow friends, a giant and killer storm emerged out of nowhere.
Lagrie and the guards ran as fast as possible to the nearest house. When the storm was over, lagrie looked outside. There was nothing. only snow.
When he and the guards whent outside, a weird and strong creature emerged from the snow The guards fought and fought till the last man standing. Only lagrie remaind.
The creature cursed lagrie, to always remember the day he lost all of his humanity. To wear the bones of his fellow guards as armor. He was cursed to never die.
To Harvest the ones who are guilty and to kill the ones who are wrong. Only a man that can survive the four trials will be able to set lagrie free.....
or so is the legend told....

- Bethesda
- Skyrim
- Creation Kit
- Nifskope
- Blender
- Photoshop

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