Colored Conjuration spells by Nikolai Paralisis
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Colored Spells of Conjuration v3
There are too little creatures for Conjuration in original Skyrim. My mod makes over this deplorable situation and enables summoning those creatures from the game (as well as some new ones) that you like. To take care of the aesthetic component and lore I repainted textures: daedra (except Seeker) and Ash Spawn spells now have a red (color of Oblivion) animation, the undead - blue, the dwarven machines - gold and animals - green. Original purple textures now are only used for creatures from Soul Cairn (it fits perfectly) and for a new master spell.Perk "TwinSoul" now allows  to control at the same time 8 creatures of novice level, or 6 - of apprentice level, or 4 - of adept level, or 2 - of expert level, and also 4 reanimated zombies. Also a new additional level of perk "Atromancy" increases the time in 4 times.You can buy the scrollsand the spell tomes in the Understone Keep in Markarth, at Finis Gestor from the College, at Falion from Morthal and at druid Nikolas (a new character) from Riverwood (tavern "Sleeping Giant").

To install, move the esp and bsa to your skyrim data folder.
Required files: Dawnguard, Dragonborn.
Don't forget to select the file in the launcher!

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