Colored spells of Conjuration by Nikolai Paralisis
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    "Colored spells of Conjuration by Paralisis v.2.0"
Required files: Dawnguard, Dragonborn.

This mod adds 24 new spells and scrolls of conjuration with new visual effects.

Perk "Twin Souls" now allows you to control simultaneously 8 creations of novice level,
6 of apprentice level, 4 of adept level, 2 of expert level and 4 reanimated zombies.
Perk "Atromancy". Level1 (120) now works with all (from original game and from the mod) creations,
new level - level2 gives quadruple duration for all creations.

Calcelmo from Markarth, Phinis Gestor from the College of Winterhold, Falion from Morthal
and Nikolas (new NPC) from Riverwood sell new spell tomes and scrolls.
                                                  List of spells:
Blue visual effect (Phinis Gestor)
1.Conjure Skeleton             [novice]
2.Conjure Draugr               [apprentice]
3.Conjure Draugr Archer        [adept]
4.Conjure Draugr Overlord      [expert]
5.Conjure Gro Erodrah          [master]
6.Conjure Mr Akkor             [master]
Old spells: Conjure familiar

Green visual effect (Nikolas)
1.Conjure Frostbite Spider     [novice]
2.Conjure Spriggan             [apprentice]
3.Conjure Sabre Cat            [adept]
4.Conjure Spriggan Matron      [expert]
5.Conjure Evil Dremora Lord    [master]
6.Conjure Riekling             [novice]
7.Conjure Riekling Warrior     [adept]
8.Conjure Hagraven             [adept]
9.Conjure Chaurus Hunter       [expert]
10.Conjure Owner of Tundra     [master]
11.Conjure Nikolas             [master]
Old spells: Conjure Seeker, Conjure Werebear

Yellow visual effect (Calcelmo)
1.Conjure Dwarven Sphere       [expert]
2.Conjure Dwarven Ballista     [expert]
3.Conjure Dwarven Living Armor [expert]
4.Conjure Terminator           [master]
5.Conjure Giant Dwarven Spider [master]
Old spells: Conjure Ash Spawn

Red visual effect (Falion)
1.Conjure Dremora Warrior      [adept]
2.Conjure Dremora Warlock      [expert]
3.Conjure Dremora Lord (now he is stronger)
Old spells:
(Flame\Frost\Storm Atronach\Trall, Flame Familiar)

To install, move the esp and bsa to your skyrim data folder here:
"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data".
Required files: Dawnguard, Dragonborn.
Don't forget to select the file in the launcher!