Familiar Faces Actors by Tiranno71
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Once upon a time... a parallel world, a bunch of glorious heroes waiting for you to be chosen to take a place in your story! :) be continued... :)

-the skimpy look is made by "Schlongs of Skyrim" and "SOS Revealling Armors".
-the body textures used are Another Hairy Body Textures For Schlongs of Skyrim
-used many "Beauty Mods" (Detailed Lips, Detailed Bodies, Beards, Brows, etc, etc,)

The look, outfits/weapons and/or facial/body aspect can change from that shown in the pictures depending your installed mods.

Final note:
If you like ny body texture please contact me and i'll send you in private way.

...if you have downloaded one or more of them, post some screenshots to see how they look in your game.

...if you like your main character to be part of my actors, please send me a savedgame where he is.
I'll give you all credits in description (obviously).

^_^ Thank You.