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Last updated at 11:36, 25 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 12:34, 24 Jul 2014

Hey falks!Welcome to this new mod!

DESCRIPTION - What this mod do
Add new conjuration's spells in skyrim.
In particular this mod add new monsters summonable,for now this mod is in beta,add new monsters summonable with books,location,effects is hard and require time. For now i've added not so much spells cause i want see if is an good idea this new spells,maybe with new effects.
All monsters summoned are strongh as normal monsters that you found,for example the spriggan summoned is strongh as the normal wild spriggan.
If you get Dual Cast Perk the time will be increased also for them(Normal duration is 60 seconds for all)

The Spells are all buyables to Farengar Secret Fire,here you will found the list of spells.(Watch at the end of the page for next update info)
!Warning!The Perk "ELEMENTAL POTENCY" will not make 50% more powerful the new monsters!
Please!Read the monsters info for know how they behave!
Novice Spells
-Conjure Spriggan
-Conjure Dwarven Spider
-Conjure Snow Bear
-Conjure Sabre Cat
-Conjure Mudcrab

Apprentice Spells
-Conjure Dwarven Sphere
-Conjure Spriggan - Greater

Adept Spells
-Conjure Dwarven Centurion
-Conjure Draugr Deathlord
-Conjure Frost Troll
-Conjure Mammoth
-Conjure Giant

Expert Spells
-Conjure Giant - Greater
-Conjure Wisp Mother

The spells for now aren't a lot,but i will add the most monsters in skyrim.(Dragons too)
NOTE: In the Images some names are without the "Space" i've fixed it!
NOTE: The Giant has a different texture than Giant - Greater!

The file is just an .esp if you've SKSE installed i recommend to use NMM or just open before the normal launcher and active my .esp file,after run SKSE launcher.
This mod don't requires any DLC's or other MODS as SKSE,just .esp file to put in your skyrim data folder.

This monsters have some details when they're summoned.
-The Dwarven Sphere when summoned will be an sphere,when you will start a fight the sphere will take he's form. (You will sure found this detail when you fight normally an Dwarven Sphere)
-The Snow Bear when you aren't in movement will go in sleep "form" :) but when you start fight or when you go in movement he will wake up.
-The Sabre Cat when you aren't in movement will go sleep "form" as the Snow Bear,but when you start fight or when you go in movement he will wake up.
-The Mudcrab is complicated,he is so lazy,when you aren't in movement he will go underground,when you go in movement he will wake up in 2-3 seconds,more faster in fight.
-The Mammothis very big,watch image,you will understand better,i recommend to summon mammoth in large spaces,it's more easy for fight.
-The Giants are really particular,when you aren't fight they will follow you really slowly,but in fight they will run as Usain Bolt. I recommend to summon all the giants availables just when you must fight,cause they are so slow. :) If this is a problem,when they will save your life,you will rethink.
-The Wisp Mother is particular too,she will summons shadows when hers health will become less than 50% as the normal wild wisp mother.
This mod is compatible with all mods that change textures of the creatures or with mods that add monsters DIFFERENT than mine.
I use a lot of mods,didn't find any bugs so tell me if you get problems.

He will sell you all tomes available also if you are level 1,you don't need to have all perks,you can take Expert Spells since the start,i think is boring get all perks for buy new spells,then i did all spells fully buyable since the start but i've increased prices.
All spells that i will add in future will be buyable to Faregnar,but soon i'll add a new merchant within you can buy all spells,for now faremgar is the only way.
All spells books will respawn as normal spells books after 24-48 hours in-game.

Dwarven Centurion will be bugged if you summon him the first time (not sure)if he will not appear you must summon him for a 2nd time.(This bug depends by the location where you summon him cause "Big Size").
Mudcrab almost never,will not wake up when you go in movement,press E (or your command)on him,he will wake up sure.
I didn't found other bugs,i've fully tested all monsters that i've added.
I'll give max priority to the bugs more important.

-Conjure Dragon (Ice dragon - Blood Dragon - Dragon - Ancient Dragon - Legendary Dragon)
-Conjure Horses
-I will add an merchant next update within you can buy your tomes totally free all the time.
-Other monsters will be added soon,i'll accept your ideas and i hope you will found this mod useful!

-Bethsda for maked an awesome game (Except graphic)
-Creation Kit
-Nexus Mod

Track for new releases!Enjoy!
Sorry for my bad english :) i'm not english.

Check my other mod,simply that let you to change the main menĂ¹ image with skyrim images or with other games images.
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