Havensreathe by Dylan Thomas Wine
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Added: 23/07/2014 - 07:11PM
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Havensreathe is a small nordic type dungeon found in Hjaalmarch marshes. It is full integrated into the game and should work with radiant questing. I spent over 90 hours creating and testing the mod and it works well. There should be few glitches if any. The dungeon itself is not made for low level characters and I wouldn't advise seeking it out before level 10. It is made so that unless you sneak you will face 4-6 bandits/draugr in a room. Even still I wouldn't classify it as a "hard" dungeon. It is leveled and it does reset. In this mod you will find primarily two changes.

-The dungeon Havensreathe.
-The follower Blodsom Innviet found in Riften.

I may in the future decide to add a quest to tie in with Havensreathe, but I make no promises. If someone decides they want to edit the mod go ahead to improve it go ahead, just credit me. If you like this mod I have many more planned for the future.

This file should only be uploaded to Nexus Mods and Steam Workshop. If you see this mod on any other site please email me @